I can't view my Wyze cameras with amazon alexa

I have got amazon alexa to detect my cameras in the app. But when I try to have my amazon show device display them it gives me an error that it can’t connect. I have tried everything I can and still no luck. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to fix this? Thanks.

I was at least having this problem on 12/27/20. It may have started earlier. I think there was a widespread temporary issue that was happening.

Mine had been working fine consistently until 12/27/20 (the day you posted this), so I think it’s just coincidence that you tried to use it at a time there were issues preventing it from working for lots of people (even people like me for whom it normally works but was having problems this same day… I’ll just try it again every day or so until it’s fixed). I’m sure it will come back up working soon. Wait a while and try again.

Ok. I’ll keep trying then. I did just set it up today for the first time. I setup some Blink cameras as well and they are working fine.

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It’s working for me again today (Monday Dec 28th), so try again and see if you’re still having problems or if it works now. I think it was just some weird temp outage.

Still having issues. The cameras connect on my multitude and various versions of show devices and Fire TV/Sticks but the V2 and Pan Cams go to buffering every 2-3 seconds (back to video then a buffering screen). V3s are solid and WCOs are solid. Any word from the community on this before contacting support?

Disabling and Re-enabling the WZYE Skill in Alexa seems to have resolved my issue.