Alexa Show not working

I just noticed that none of my current Wyzecams will show on my Alexa Show anymore… Does anyone else have this issue?


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I just checked .
I use fire TV and and echo dot It was working day before yesterday ,It is not working now .Never had this problem before

Thank you for checking… I just checked mine again, I get the “Camera is not responding” message, on all five cameras. They used to work 100%. Something has changed… Does not work on my FireTV either, and it used too.

Thanks Rick… I am still getting used to the new software here…

Yes I get the message that the camera is not responding. I have seven cams and none of them work currently with the show.

I just purchased a PAN and I get the same message. I have reset all devices but that didnt seem to fix it. I have an echo show 1st and 2nd gen along with 2 fire sticks. I have gotten it to work maybe 3 times. The screen flickers on the show then eventually times out.

I just checked again.
I use fire TV and and echo dot , it’s working good now

Mine is also working… Thanks Wyzecam folks!

I’m not too sure it was a wyze problem at all

I agree I think it was an Amazon issue. My camera started working flawlessly every time I asked Alexa. Wyze guys (lol) if you did something I commend your service.

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It should be working now. It is true the success rate was lower early in the morning. One of our Alexa servers had some issue. It is all fixed now. Thanks!

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That is true… I am assuming it was Wyze based on the timing of the correction… Might not have been…

Thanks Wyze folks!

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Hey there My Alexa show still tells me cameras not responding,am I missing a fix???

Mine appear to be working… Slow, but working.

I, too, am still having BUFFERING and connection issues. The same issues I had with my Echo Show Gen 1 and now with the Gen 2. The cameras work fine on our phones – never a buffering issue. There is also no issue at either home with internet service where the cameras are located and where the Echo Shows are located. Wyze support tells me it is Amazon server and Amazon tells me this is a Wyze App issue. Any ideas on how to fix. By the way, software is up to date on both ends.

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When that happens with mine I usually connect to cam with iOS app then the Echo Show will connect. Occasionally a power cycle on cams are required to get the Show to connect. I also get buffering sometimes.