Alexa's show "MyCamera" returns "camera not responding" -FW problem

Camera V3: After properly linking the V3 to Alexa, and the skill enabled, the “Alexa, show MyCamera” command could not work. Alexa device such as the Echo Show and Fire Tablet will finally says “the Camera is not responding”. When I first bought the V3, I remember it worked. Then after an FW update to, it failed. Yesterday, I had a new V3 arrived and the FW is and this one works with the Alexa Show Camera command. I created a log to Wyze and hopefully they can come out with a solution with the next update!

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For the V3 that isn’t working - remove power. Let it set for 1-2 minutes and power it back up. Might make a difference.

Many (MANY) of us have a WiFi smart plug on our Wyze cameras AND restart the camera using an automated schedule daily. Makes a difference.

No it could not! I have tried every ways the Wyze customer Support told including the power on/off, even reset to start from its factory default! From my investigation, it must be the firmware because the old firmware works and the most update one does not!

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Then I guess it would be a good idea to install an older version of the firmware. Since the newer V3’s firmware works, that’s the version I would use.

One thing that I have learned to do, well not to do to be more accurate. I don’t install these new firmwares when the are available. I wait, I usually see complaints and another update usually rolls out soon after with the fixes. I don’t even bother to comment or complain about this cycle. I simply wait.

Wishing you well and good Thanksgiving.

thanks so much for your comment!

Log??? Where did you create a log??? I’d like to do this with a Doorbell not showing… a log might shed some insight… hmmmm…

Sorry your V3’s are not working… sadly my V3’s will show on the Echo Show I have… the doorbell… the one I really want and need is MIA with the exact response you are getting… hmmm…

I purchased a V3 camera as my first Wyze product in October and could not get it to display on my Echo Show after multiple reboots, updates, linking and unlinking the skill, etc.

I even disabled 2FA to see if that could be causing the issue because all the support articles seemed to indicate that it should work fine with an Echo Show and disabling/enabling the Alexa skill should resolve the “Waiting for Wyze” issue.

I eventually submitted a log report and this was the response on November 3:

As of the latest update, I regret to inform you that Alexa integration is currently unavailable for the Wyze Camera models, including Wyze Camera V3. We are actively working to resolve issues related to Alexa integration and will keep you updated on any progress.

I understand that this may cause inconvenience, and I sincerely apologize for any disruption this may have caused to your experience. Please be assured that we are committed to finding a solution and providing you with the best possible service.

I’ll keep the camera because it still works in the iOS app, and maybe it was bad timing due to the emergency security patching but it doesn’t give me much confidence in buying any more devices or subscribing to any of the monitoring services.

I didn’t know that I could roll back to an older firmware so I might give that a try.

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Hi. I don’t pretend to know more than Wyze does about their own products. But I have 4-6 Wyze V3s that rotate (using an Alexa routine time trigger, and Wyze motion detection to display on my two Show 8 - 1st gens. Every day. Even this minute. So, I have no idea what they are talking about regarding “actively working to resolve issues”. I have no issues.

Are you using Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite? You can use Cam Plus Lite for free. Search the forum to see how. It helps with your Wyze cam to Show view.

I encourage you to create at least one Alexa routine. Use the time such as x:02 am to display a camera.
My best success is the only command in the routine is using the “Custom option” to “Alexa, Show Wyzecam1 on Echo Show 8a” Cam name is Wyzecam1 and show’s name is Echo Show 8a.
And I don’t let the show be the device in “Hear Alexa from” (bottom of routine). Somehow it often interferes with Wyze skills behavior.
Look for two two long posts I did about Wyze cams and Echo Show.

I don’t have Echo Show 3rd gen
I use Echo Show 1st gen 5" and 8"
Echo Show 2nd gen does not work well with Wyze cams. It displays for a few minutes then minimizes the screen into the show’s left upper corner. (waste of time).

I also use Flic 2 buttons to trigger routines to display. And I use the Broadlink 4 button to execute Alexa routines instantly. Broadlink solution is about 1/3 the cost of Flic 2. Look into these. Helpful.

what is the meaning of x:02am?

First, when you speak to Alexa Echo or Fire, you can just say “Alexa show me the Garage camera” where Garage camera is the name of the device! But for this command, Echo could not show the camera view and says “Garage camera is not responding”

Similarly, when I used a routine such as when “a person is detected by the camera”; And action choice is “Custom” (first item), where the content is “Alexa show me the Garage camera”. The device is selected to have Echo or Fire Tablet. The result is: When the camera detects a person and send an alert, the Echo will just do the same thing and ends up with saying the camera is not responding!

My Echo show 5 is quite old something like 4 years old, but my Fire Tablet is 2023 edition bought just within a month! Both saying the camera is not responding!

Furthermore, I need to mention that I have Wyze Door Bell Pro, it does do the job. When I say to ECho “Alexa show the front door bell”, it will quickly show the live view of the camera. Of course, the hardware is totally different, but the FW is the most update one!

In these days, these kinds of product have no standard protocol, every brands seem to use different tricks… Hope one day, there is some consortium to standardize it like USB protocol etc…

Futhermore, the most important need for me is to show the live stream when people presses the door bell and liuckily the Wyze Door Bell Pro can do that. Before I reach the tablet, the door front is already on the screen. The other camera I really do care too much! But I await Wyze to find out… It is their problem and as more people complain, they would put more energy to it!

Alexa or Google Home are penetrating into more families daily and if your integration has problems, what ever so, you have to fix it quickly!

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thanks, I actually have 6 V3 because it provides free 12s cloud recording. Subscription is not the money problem for me, I can afford that. But I just don’t feel comfortable because eventually in a short time the subscription fee is more than the item cost! More, I also have the wyze door bell pro, it still works with Alexa even when I updated it to the newest FW. This is the most important use because I want to see the camera view when someone presses the bell instantly!

When you log into Wyze App, select the device (e.g. camera xyz), setting (gear icon at the top right), scroll down to bottom Wyze Support ->Submit a Log

That is correct, the Wyze Dor Bell pro works with Alexa’s “Show the ‘door bell camera’”, but not the V3 with the most update FW. The old FW works!

The x:02am was my example where my routine is using for example: 8:02 am and the trigger. I have three “shows”. Each one refreshes the same camera at the top of the hour, :02 and :03 and :05. I’ve found the 1st gen show will continue to hold that view for 30-45 minutes.

And yes, I have an interruption once in a while, as I have the Person Detection turned on to catch someone walking near.

I don’t bother with Fire TV Stick. Unreliable and I have tried them many times over the years and newest versions including 4k or max. Simply undependable. Don’t have Fire Tablet, so can’t offer.

Yes, you are right doorbell cam works better. Many people have said that.
My Wyze cams are hidden inside porch light at the garage, and in front of the garage inside boxes. Nary a soul has noticed them. Point being, Wyze cams are at the street and most often used as they are showing street. But I also have Blink Mini in the garage and alert me when with a show view when triggered. Most of the time all my cams work. A few times, they do not. Took some doing, but I have 8 Wyze cams all on a single Smart WiFi plug. When two don’t work, I force a restart of the single Smart WiFi plug and restart all 8.

The Wyze cam view on a show has been around for years now. My best guess, is 4+. There’s ALWAYS been intermittent success and failures. It’s not just you.

Most of us used Cam Plus when it came out. Then they charged a fee. Many of us signed up for unlimited. Like you its not the money.
Some people didn’t want to pay, but they were moving away from the 12s model. If you look around, you will discover that you can use Cam Plus Lite. When you set it up, and it ask for $$$ put big old 0 (zero) in there and it will let you. Cost you nothing to use Cam Plus Lite. Many of us pay to help Wyze with development.

Interesting enough I want my outside camera to be noticeable as much as possible to scarce people away!

Fire Tablet is the one thing people should go if monitoring is to be served. I have 10" one (now only $~90 for the 2023 edition) …

It has fast response (although it depends on the Wyze or tther brands). I found Ring door bell pro reacts faster than Wyze door bell pro! The Ring system was included when I purchased the house. But it could not record video without a subscription of $3 per camera and it is the cheapest one! I can afford that, but I just hate to finally pay a subscription more costly than the hardware!

I bet you also don’t use inkjet printers, as they sell the hardware cheap and then they charge outrageously for the ink cartridges.

Thanks, I was hoping to get something I could review before any submission… oh well.

That is right, I bought a DELL color laser jet ten years already! Fortunately, there are non-DEll replacement that is quite affordable!

One more thing is when I used HP inkjet many years ago, the ink (HP cartridge) could dry out even you don’t use it! And I really don’t print a lot!

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I managed to sign up for Cam Plus Lite and chose to pay $0 (thanks for the tip Sam_Bam). I have rebooted the Wyze camera and unlinked and linked the Wyze Alexa skill multiple times and waited various amount of times in between but the problem continues.

When I say “Alexa, show me [camera name]” I can see that the Echo Show tries to connect but eventually gives up.

I know this isn’t a Wyze support channel but I’ll try to share as much relevant details as possible in case it helps someone else.

  • Located in Canada
  • Wyze Cam Floodlight and set it up on October 16, 2023
  • Created a Wyze account using the email address and password method (as opposed to the Google/Apple options)
  • Disabled 2FA while troubleshooting but never turned it back on
  • Updated the firmware of the Wyze Cam v3 (currently and FloodLight (currently
  • SAMSUNG EVO Select 128GB microSD installed in the Wyze Cam v3
  • iPhone 13 (iOS 17.1.1) with Wyze app (
  • Echo Show 15 (29226891908)
  • ASUS RT-AX58U router in Access Point mode with 2G/5G separated on different networks using WPA2-Personal encryption
  • Both the Wyze Cam v3 and Echo Show 15 are on the same 2G SSID
  • The camera works fine using the Wyze app

Note: I have an Aqara G4 Video Doorbell that works as advertised using HomeKit Secure Video but displays on the Echo Show. I recall having a problem when setting it up and eventually resolved it by enabling DMZ on my Bell Giga Hub and selected my ASUS router as the DMZ device so I can’t rule out a network configuration issue being the root cause for now.

What I’ll likely try next is removing the camera from the Wyze app & Alexa, and then starting over. I’ve also considered trying to install an older version of the firmware such as since reports on this forum seem to indicate that it was the last stable version.

[Mod Edit]: Fixed formatting issue for readability.

That’s an impressive list of things in your email that you have and have tried. I recall parts of an issue related to Wyze cams that Brian of Automate Your Life YT video channel had. And this is what he did. I encourage you to try it.

Go to your Amazon account on your computer, and change the Country code (you see it up in the right corner next to your name). Change from Canada to EN with the U.S. flag. Then go to your Alexa skill and disable and and re-enable your Wyze skill to your Alexa account again. Point is, Brian found out some features don’t work outside of U.S. Let’s see if that makes a difference for you. As, I recall, how he set this up permanently? He created a new Amazon account (EN) version, and used that account for his Wyze skill. And changed is original Amazon account back to CAN.