V3 CAM not working with alexa app or echo show help needed

Hi everyone,

my v3 is not working and I received not responding error in echo show (latest 15") model even though it shows up as device. Although I can enable the skill and the camera in the app, and it is listed as device I am unable to view live view in the Alexa app on my phone. Although it tries to connect I get the live view is not available right now error.

I tried deleting the camera, renaming, disabling/enabling the skill and updating the firmware both on my echo show and camera.

Any other ideas to try, The Wyze app works flawlessly on my android but really need it to work on my new echo show.

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I just posted this in another thread but it looks like you have done the majority of the troubleshooting steps I mention here.

I can’t help but wonder if there is a regional issue with Alexa services. As I am able to pull most of my Wyze Camera devices up in my Alexa show devices. (I am in the Midwest)
Echo Show 15

Fire Tablet w/dock

Hi @louis.shiptoshore. Could you please submit a device log after reproducing this issue, and post the log number here? We will investigate the issue. Thank you so much.

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The log number is 448979 thank you!

@ WyzeBaohua just posted the log number thanks

Just a note. The person detection works on the echo show. I receive a voice message so the notification appears to work but no video