Wyze cam and Alexa views

Wanted to know if anyone else are having Wyze cam view issues with Alexa products. I have 5 cams 1-V2 and 4- V3, and I am having issues with viewing on 3 of the V3’s only, kinda strange. 1 V-3 and the V2 work fine and as normal, the the remaining 3 do not work. They all work fine on the Wyze cam app. I’ve done the disable and re-enable a few times no success, or changes, all the v3 have the same firmware versions, so not an issue. The message I get is “Sorry wyze cam not responding check the connection and power supply”
Is anyone else having this issue, any suggestions or recommendations? Thanx.

Yes. The Wyze Alexa Skill that links your cams to Alexa is next to worthless. I have 12 cams and can rarely get Alexa to show most of them. Also, the cam load time is extremely long when it does load and sound quality is dismal. Not sure there are any fixes for it. I unlinked and relinked the skill with no improvement. In fact, trying to do it from the Wyze app failed completely.

I have some issues as well. I get a camera stream about 30 seconds after a trigger. I use the trigger to announce activity on a camera, (works very quickly), then after 20 or so seconds, the images come up on the Alexa device…

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I purchased the Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) for the soul purpose of displaying my Wyze Video Doorbell… I gave up on that being a viable solution, takes entirely too long to show anyone at the door… they would be long gone by the time it showed the camera, if it showed the camera… and when it did show the camera it was rotated SIDEWAYS…

I haven’t thought about this in awhile, so I thought I’d try to get Alexa to show me three of my camera’s… Video Door Bell Cam?.. Failed… Two of my V3 Cams… one it couldn’t find, the other one it did, and it displayed in an acceptable amount of time.

I tried a Pan Cam V2, and it also came up in a reasonable amount of time.

Perhaps I’ll spend some more time trying to get this to work in the near future… don’t have time this weekend to do so though…