I really really really want an Alexa skill so I can see my cams on my echo show. Any ideas of this is in the works??

+1 to this. That would be huge.

Yes! I’m praying for this also.

Does anyone from wyzecam respond in these forums?? (I’m new here)

Yes they will respond but me personally, I hope Alexa is way down their list.

Google Assistant support.

Yes, Alexa is something we’re actively looking into! Stay tuned for future updates!

+1 for ALEXA

It’s somewhere in the pipeline but for now we’re focusing on introducing more features on the wishlist we got from the feedback earlier.

I would love Alexa and Google Assistant both. I would prefer Alexa to come first, but I use both daily.

I love your product, but am waiting for support for one of these before I buy more.

Apple HomeKit Siri support is more difficult but it has a HUGE total installed market with iOS on iPhones and tablets and the market share is growing.

With the wry soon upcoming HomePod EXPLOSION ? … Siri support is the way to go.

Alexa support would be awesome.

I love all the fantastic updates you’ve made so far. I recommend this cam to others. If you add Alexa to the mix, i think I will buy a dozen more of these cams.

It’s coming!

According to Engadget, a firmware update in March will add IFTTT support and compatibility with Amazon’s Echo Show and Echo Spot devices for looking in on your camera feeds


+1 Alexa support

New to forum & just got my v2. Great camera. Any update on Alexa Support?

Team, if you just want to turn your camera on and off, for privacy for example, just use something like a WEMO or one of those other power blocks that you can control through Alexa. I just tell her “Alexa turn off or on my office camera” and it works. Having the motion detection tied in to IFTTT will really be nice but at least this gives you some control.

Hope that helps…



PS the version 1 camera can sometime take up to a minute or so to connect to the wifi, I have tested the version 2 camera yet to see if it is any faster.

For me, it’s more about seeing the cam feeds on my Alexa show. I’m installing my three v2’s today! Patiently waiting for this feature…!

It will come once the kinks are worked out.

I just received my WyzeCam v2 today. What an amazing product. I’m recommending this to all of my friends! The Echo Show integration will be a really cool feature if they can get it to work.