Alexa integration tips and tricks

Here we can share tips and tricks about Alexa integration with wyze devices ,
(Also questions and answers),


Alexa Routines is working great for me.


It works. I even get the cam plus motion thumbnail on my apple Watch

Wait, I knew I could have Alexa make announcements for Person detection, but I didn’t realize you could have Alexa automatically show the camera on the screen if the camera detects a person!
What action are you using to make it do that? It really works?!?!


It will only give you an announcement on the echo devices you select, , it will not, automatically show the camera on the screen

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This guy’s routine seems to suggest otherwise:


Look at the last action command. Maybe Alexa hears herself announce this and then follows the command she gave? IDK

Or, I could actually do this with Google, create a Tasker script to broadcast a command through my Office Google Assistant saying:
“Alexa, show the Front cam” and Alexa will obey automatically.

Or, Tell Alexa to do the same thing to Google:
“Hey Google, show the Front Cam” and have it automatically pop up.

I could have either tell the other to show it on the TV (Google Chromecast, FireTV).

Man, this is brilliant!


I missed that last part “Alexa show backyard on fire TV” , we will see if that works

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I like having one of my smart devices talk to another to accomplish something…hopefully when the AI uprising happens they will look favorable on those of us who helped them unit.


I wish Google assistant would work with Wyze properly so this could also be done.

Dude, it totally works! I just tested an automation having Alexa activate Google showing a cam, then had Alexa activate another Alexa device to show the cam on screen. Apparently a device can’t activate itself, but 1 Alexa device can activate another Alexa device automatically! I can seriously have Alexa or Google or both automatically broadcast any cam on any smart screen based on person detection triggers now, or sensor triggers…or with Google I can Make Tasker do it from any kind of Wyze notification. I am going to use this on a schedule for the front porch cam, and later switch it to the video doorbell cam. I can verify it 100% works to do this though! Freaking awesome! Brilliant idea. Props to @FritzThird


Google does work…well, it’s temporarily down at the moment (stalling out trying) because Wyze is in the middle of upgrading the Wowza servers and they aren’t done yet…but they did figure out what the problem was. Here is the Wyze announcement about it:

Until the very recent server upgrades in last week or 2, basically, if you called the stream within the last few minutes, then do it a second time, it was streaming well (called a hot start). It was always failing on the first call (cold start) because it was trying to push 24 hours of audio and stalling out. As soon as they upgrade their Wowza servers they’re going to remove the audio track temporarily, and it will load the first time you call it every time. Then they’ll fix the issue and release it again with Audio loading the first time too. But it should be working again soon…as soon as the Wowza server is stable hot start will keep working until they remove the audio, then 1 st calls will work fine too.

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When I ask Alexa to show my v3 she says “Alexa doesn’t support that” I’ve even disabled and reenabled my wyze skill and deleted and reinstalled them in alexa app

This is how it works for me. :slightly_smiling_face:


But I would have to have Person detection enabled for above, correct? Not just motion? I have Cam Plus and just enabled person detection but how do you get the send notification action? Please I’m tech stupid here. Thanks.

Because all Alexa said was Show person front porch on Echo Show but nothing else happened. So either it doesn’t work or I’m just stupid.

I guess it doesn’t matter now. The package that either was or was’t from Wyze is lost. :frowning:

Here are my settings for the Wyze Beta app and Alexa. Maybe this video might help you.



As a general rule, the modem/router provided by the Internet provider is nearly useless as a router. A good Asus, Netgear, Cisco router needs to replace it. Installing DD-WRT, if possible, also helps. The more options you can adjust, the better, if you can figure out how to do it.
One of the things that people often overlook is how much 802.11 wireless traffic is present in their home. Your router can often be seen over a block away from your house. Imagine a row of 5 houses on a block of 15 houses, times the houses across the street, and you can get an idea of how much overlap is present in your home.
And in an apartment complex, with everyone right next to each other? Your neighbor may have their router against the same wall you have yours. Would you normally put two routers beside each other?
So, the density of signal is enough to throw an inexpensive device into a tither.
An easy to try solution is to use an app on your wi-fi phone, or use your router, if it has this function, to see what other devices are using your same frequency for 2.4 GHz. We are not using 5 for good reason, but 2.4 goes even further, causing more crossover problems.
If you can, choose a frequency as far from all other frequencies in use near you, and that can help.
And remember all our bluetooth devices are on the same general frequency, as are microwaves and devices you may not realize, like cordless phones.


Thank you for that. I may never get this V3 though, sadly.

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You made some great professional quality walkthrough videos for some common issues people have! Well done! There should be a forum section for storing high quality walk-through videos like these to refer people to.

Great job!


I set up the phrase to activate a camera on my fire TV when person is detected, I didn’t set up a notification you don’t have to do that
it works , one echo dot in living room says the phrase the other echo dot in the other room hears it , says OK and shows my camera on my fire TV
Surprised me, it even works with the sound on the TV playing , I thought it might interfere but it doesn’t ,It just switches over to fire TV and shows my camera
The bad thing , it is not going to do any good if the TV isn’t on EDIT scratch that , it will turn my TV on and show the camera

I would think you could have it show on a fire tablet , I will try that later , EDIT Ok that works

I thought you might be interested in this for your fire tablet