Alexa Routine Integration for Wyze Sense

I think what you are seeing is the differentiation between the trigger “When this happens” and the resulting action 'Add action" in the Alexa routine setup. The Sensors are a supported device to trigger a routine, but not supported as a Smart Home device for the resulting action. Probably not the best term on the part of Amazon to just say “unsupported” as it leads to confusion when it is supported for some functions (the trigger) but not others.

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Yep you are correct. I was mixed up I was able to go ahead and create the routine I wanted. Thanks for clearing that up for me I don’t know how I missed that up after I got six or seven routines going already but I did mess it up. Big old brain fart… But thanks for clearing it up for me

Is wyze planning to enable Sensor to be used with Routines for the Camera V2 or just wyze sense ? Not allowing Camera to be trigger routines until now really boggles me

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You can achieve this result using IFTTT. This will allow you to record a capture and upload. Or, if you mean as a trigger itself. you can use motion detected by v2 cam and pancam as trigger for Alexa routines.
Not sure which you meant.

Motion detected by V2 Cam cannot trigger Alexa Routines . Can you please let me know how it is possible . I was able to get wyze sense and enable motion sensor but Camera itself cannot do it

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Thanks so much for this!
I have been searching for ways to help my Wyze sense contact and motion sensors to react faster in my home automations through google home with other brand’s devices (plugs and bulbs that use clouds), but the fact that they have not integrated motion and contact sensors into their routines as triggers was driving me crazy and makes that pretty much impossible!

I currently use IFTTT but the delay of jumping between clouds is becoming quite an annoyance! Standing there waving my hands at a sensor, while one connected to a wyze bulb is almost instant.

Luckily most of my smart home devices are hub free (besides Wyze’s bridge) and compatible with both Google and Alexa, so discovering the integration with Alexa is already here is a game changer! I’ve only changed one rule, but I’ve already noticed an increase in that reaction time! :slight_smile:

Not having Alexa directives and events that can be put into Alexa routines is kind of like making a computer without any way to control the mouse / keyboard. Without this critical feature, the camera / sensor / whatever has no input / output, and is about as useful as having a webcam thats running 24/7.

Without comprehensive smart things integration for all wyze products, I’m sorry to inform you that wyze will become “that one company that went out of business in 2020” and not “an industry leader in smart home devices.”

Skipping Alexa / Google Home events is simply the wrong route.

If you need help integrating with Alexa, I can explain how to easily use their API to send directives and events without much additional code.

I’ve had my contact and motion sensors triggering Alexa routines for at least the past month now…


I am unsure what integration to which you referring, so I apologize if I misunderstood, but Alexa triggers have been available for ages.

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Hey all, I love hearing Alexa tell me that the garage door is being opened. Now I can have Alexa warn me during sleeping hours if there is a motion triggered by Wyze cams! This is a solution that allows Alexa to recognize regular Wyze cam motion (not person detection) as a trigger to initiate a routine so it can warn you with an audio message from Echo devices. Pretty cool!

Here ya go, It’s a free solution using apps to connect the pieces together: How to Use Wyze Cameras to Trigger an Alexa Routine - Ian Lee - Marketer, Photographer.

Love the Alexa integration. Once I set the time in the evening when my v2 detects a person, I have Alexa say “Unauthorised person detected in the backyard”and say the time and date for everyone to hear. Scare mostly everyone going out late in the evening.

I have my wyze do multiple Alexa routines. When my door sensors open during normal hours, it’ll tell me random facts or say close the door this isn’t a barn. Fun stuff like that.

Alexa routine interrogation is awesome … hope it grows !

Alexa tells me if our 3 entry doors are closed.
If person is detected at night in the back and patio on 3 of the dots only, during the day all 6 dots announces.
If any of our gates opens Alexa in our kitchen announces hey, no trespassing ! In addition to at night only, it turns on our den light and announces in our bedroom dot only that the gate was opened.
If our bedroom door opens at night only the den light turns on, when it closes it turns off.
If our mail box opens on 2 dots only Alexa says, You’ve got mail !
All triggers have a video taken by a near by cam.

And many more …

Also, a good tread on Person detection on by HDRock …

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Cool. Have you set a routine to allow Alexa to make an announcement when regular motion sensor (not person detection) is triggered on your cams?

No …Alexa person detection routines only…the cams built-in motion detects too many false trips for my outside use.
Motion is on but sensitivity slider to Zero and detection zone minimized to the smallest square and placed on a walked area with Person detection on.

I hope this is enhanced. One thing that would be nice is if the contact sensors were identified as motion sensors by alexa and we could to time limits and some of the more advanced functionality with routines. For example I’d love to have one that if my garage door has been open for 30 minutes to create a alexa notification. Right now I can have it trigger on open/close but would be nice if it supported delays like the motion sensors can do.

Agreed. But it’s been so long since I set things up I cannot remember exactly. Doesn’t Alexa properly identify Wyze contact sensors? It’s only missing the timed abilities. For that, I used an extra Wyze plug and IFTTT to make this happen. Until there is proper integration between Alexa and Wyze, here is how it can be done and it works pretty flawlessly: How to Use a Wyze Sensor to Trigger an Alexa Routine to Remind Yourself That Your Garage Door Has Been Left Opened - Ian Lee - Marketer, Photographer.

Yes it is detected as a sensor but like you said the timing abilities are not there currently. I will look into that hack to get around it but hopefully wyze (or amazon) will add support.

It would be nice if you could do this all through the wyze automations too but those are lacking in passing commands to alexa and it feels like alexa routines are way ahead of where wyze is atm.

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The key to timers and Alexa is the WAIT command in a Rutine.
You can say: When a trigger happens . . .
Turn on a light,
WAIT 30 minutes,
Turn off a light.
I have not tested anything more than 2 hours but I believe max WAIT time is 24 hours (23:59)
I use the WAIT command in a number of Alexa Routines including one using Wyze Sense Door monitor. Hope this helps.

Here is another thread for all things Alexa with wyze , tips tricks questions and answers