Alexa Routines

After seeing some examples of routines online with Alexa I had the awesome idea to combine some Wyze products together to achieve this example…

Wyze sensor detects “open” on a door
Trigger camera on Echo Show

Seems simple enough but it looks to me like Wyze isn’t even routines compatible? Am I missing something?

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Yes Wyze will work. When the routine says “ When this happens“ Look under Smart home. Your devices should appear. I have a motion sensor on my front porch that from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM Alexa will say “Maizy wants in” so that I know my dog is at the door and wants to come in from the cold. From 5:31 PM until 6:29 AM I have a Wyze rule that turns on the two Wyze bulbs with the same motion detector.

I’ve made up 2 Alexa routines that combine Wyze devices and Lutron devices.

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At this time, you cannot invoke a command in an Alexa routine like you would when speaking to an Echo device. You can only invoke a subset of specific actions, and camera actions are not included.

You can do that with a Google Home Assistant routine. However the Wyze integrations with Google Home are just beginning and it may take them a while to shake out (like they did in the early days of Alexa integration).

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Alexa with Wyze right now is kind of odd. Because depending on the schedule that you make I can use a motion sensor on a certain kind of schedule and if I make a different kind of schedule it blacks out that motion sensor. You would think that it would always be available but it just depends on what kind of schedule you’re making so I’m thinking that eventually cameras should be made available.