Wyze Lock open Alexa Routine

Didn’t there used to be a door open/Door closed hook for Wyze lock in the Alexa app for routines?
I was changing around some of my Wyze Rules and Alexa app routines and the only triggers I see in the Alexa app available for routines is “door locked” and “door unlocked” I wanted to set up a routine for Alexa devices to either announced something or play a sound when the door opens. The lock is capable of sensing open or closed because you can use that trigger for rules in the Wyze app, but I thought I previously saw it in the Alexa app.

I can do it with Alexa if I use a contact sensor, but it would be redundant if I could just use the Wyze locks built in sensor.

I don’t think the lock ever had open and close Triggers in Alexa. I left the contact sensor on the same door as the lock for the exact reason you mentioned.

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I’m probably mistakenly thinking I saw it there because it is an available trigger in the Wyze app and just not remembering correctly where I saw it.

I also have a contact sensor on that door from before I had the lock and was hoping I could eliminate the sensor and still do an Alexa routine for door open.

Maybe it’s something Wyze can add to Alexa. It would Be nicer than using a contact sensor if the lock can do it on its own.

I think I went through the same thing. I recall moving the contact sensor and trying to set up the routine for the lock to announce, realizing I couldn’t and putting the sensor back.

It would be nice to have it added as it really is redundant :sweat_smile:

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