Wyze Sense sensors now live on Alexa

Just noticed the Wyze skill was updated in Alexa. The update was the addition of the Wyze Sense sensors. They are now available as devices and in Routines!


Working great for me the last couple of days!

The only thing that is missing for one of my automations is triggering when a contact had been open a set number of minutes. It can be done in the wyze app but not an Alexa routine.

Would that be a wise thing or on the Alexa side?

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That does not yet exist in Alexa world. Hopefully someday but not yet. So you would need to create that automation in Wyze.

Can’t you just use the “Wait” command within Alexa? So door opens → Wait → do something else…?

I have it in the Wyze app but the ability for Alexa to Announce it to the echo dots is what I really want. With Wyze I have it send a notification and flash a light nothing really audible.

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You can. Here is an Alexa routine that will announce when the back door contact sensor opens.


Thanks, but what I want is it only to Announce if it has been open for 30 seconds.

Sometimes the door doesn’t get closed all the way/latch completely and our doggo tries to sneak out.

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The wait routine seems to only delay the announcement. I don’t want an announcement unless the sensor has been open for 30 seconds.

Yes as I mentioned in my first reply that capability does not yet exist in Alexa. Hopefully soon but not yet. Personally I want Alexa to fold my laundry but that’s not there yet either. :grinning:


Folding the laundry would certainly up the WAF (WIFE APPROVAL FACTOR) :yum:

:joy::joy::joy::joy: that’s perfect!

Been experimenting with Alexa routines. How do you set the routine to make an announcement on ALL echo devices? Is there some sort of grouping?

In the action of the routine pick “Messaging” then pick “Announce” at that point you will be able to pick, one, several, or all Echo devices.

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Thanks. Exactly what I needed. Not at all familiar with Alexa routines but I’m learning. :grinning:

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Has anyone been able to get Alexa to check the status of a sensor? “Alexa, check front door status” I can’t find any documentation for the updates in the Wyze skill. Would be nice to have documentation on the new features in the skill and the Alexa commands for the skill.

I can ask “Alexa is back door outer closed” and she will respond with “Back door outer is open” or “Back door outer is closed” but you can’t yet generically ask for its status.

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To elaborate, Alexa treats all contact sensors that it supports via Skills the same. Meaning a Ring contact sensor looks exactly the same to Alexa as a Wyze contact sensor. You can consider them as a class of device.

So the documentation is somewhere in that maze of information on the Alexa site.


Thanks for the info. Yes I get the response with asking is it open or closed. Would be nice to have a global status report of all sensors or grouped sensors. " Alexa, check all doors"

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Is there any way that Alexa will announce on all echo’s and dot’s or do I have to set routines for each one to announce door open or close?

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i use Alexa to announce when motion is detected and just in case we don’t hear, flash a light also. Works great.