Wyze Cam v3 Now Available! - 10/27/20

I placed two orders at two different times on the 10/27 announcement date. My first order placed early on that day arrived at the very end of November, and my second order placed later on 10/27 arrived today. Just sharing this in case it helps anyone determine when to expect theirs. Wyze’s email today though probably clarifies expectations a bit more. :slight_smile:

I don’t like that Wyze falsely advertises their V3 camera as using invisible IR LED’s. This is simply not true! While the “near” IR setting is harder to see, they are not invisible because Wyze is still using red IR LEDs. When companies lie about their products, that’s when I loose respect for the brand.

Still issues with v3 on the android app? Any fixes?

Package is 100% lost in my own city. It went downtown like all mail/packages do before going to my local post office and from there to 3 miles away to local Post Office it got lost. Not to mention my very reliable regular mail carrier has a week vacation so I may get whatever this package is in 20 years. Don’t laugh or say it’s the pandemic. I just got mail last week that was lost downtown 15 years ago. My regular carrier was filling in downtown and saw the mail stamped for 2005 and addressed to me. Same address as where I’m at now.

And where are the posts on getting Alexa alerting you to people? I saw something about setting it up on the Fire and want to try it because Alexa is truly driving me crazy with “OK” every 2 minutes.

My v3 CAM is STIL… MIA

It was moved here: Alexa integration tips and tricks

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Ordered a V3 Nov. 1st. When will I receive mine?

Orders from October 27th - October 31st

Shipping estimated by 12/19.

Orders from November 1st - November 21st

Shipping estimated by 12/26.

Orders from November 22nd - November 28th

Shipping estimated by 1/2.

Orders from November 29th - December 5th

Shipping estimated by 1/9.

Orders from December 6th - December 9th

Shipping estimated in January.

I got mine a week ago and the night vision is great with the settings turned off for night vision and distance at far. I can see 2 house down and across the street in pitch black! I am having trouble getting it to work though. I brought it inside and it finally connect, then outside again next to cam that is working and it worked last night but not today. Could it be to close to another cam and the wifi is interfering? gotta do some more field work. I hope they make the outside cam with this tech cause I have a corner of the house that does not have a plug near it.

I pre ordered mine on Nov 20…STILL dont have it

Do you have aluminum siding or Hardplaster walls? Google “Faraday cage”

See above. Your looking at early January to your door.

Speaking of when it eventually does come, what is the setting for catching all these meteors and stuff in the sky?

Well they have 3 days to make good on the above list (doubtful at this point). I wish they would update us more. I understand circumstances but just voicing my opinion in the hopes that by some miracle a Wyze employee sees this. Where’s the weekly email promised last week on the status of these cams? It’s a given it won’t be delivered now before Christmas and I know cancelling will do nothing about bringing the cams to Home Depot sooner. Anyone order a single V3 cam October 31st and got there’s already?

I ordered my single V3 on October 27th and Received it November 21st. Hope having this info will help you


I am disappointed that pre-orders are backlogged. I ordered a total of 5 cams in October. Xmas is less than 10 days away and no product received. I have tried to be patient, but this is getting beyond ridiculous. I know that times are challenging but good business practices should still be expected by customers. That is not helped by selling vaporware.

Yes. I will not pre order again (at least not around the holidays). They should have known better. I can almost guarantee that in the next couple of hours we’ll all get another email stating they pushed the shipping back another week or beginning of January. I know I have been a constant complainer but when they have my money and not delivering on the information they send us it is an issue. If it was half the total maybe I’d say ok. And the only reason I decided not to cancel is because it takes 48 hours to approve going through the website, and possibly a week to be back on your card and that isn’t going to get me the cam any faster.

Ordered single v3 on oct27th received it on Dec 8th

Easy for you say, you’re probably a US citizen that can take advantage of the offer. And outside of shipping cost, I can’t think of any regulatory restriction that would hinder Wyze from offering this same pomotion to their Canadian clientele.

Furthermore, if you’re going
to exclude clients outside the US, then be smart about your marketing and don’t even send them these types of notices. This only compounds my annoyance seeing as I just spent 3 weeks trying to get their CamPlus service to work without avail. So now I no person detection or CamPlus services available plus you’re sending notices about your US clients getting FREE stuff.

You can see how the optics don’t bode well right?