Other Wyze products?

I just ordered 2 v2 cams, and can’t wait to get them! I’ve been on the fence on which security cam product to get for a while. I’ve just been underimpressed by whats out there so far, especially considering the hardware costs and subscription fees. The v2 cam seems to be a no brainer against the competition (but I’ve yet to try it). If I like it, I plan to get a bunch more. I gotta say, I like the direction you all are going.

I read on the website that Wyze is looking to grow into other smart home products. I’m wondering if you could give us a taste of what you have in development that may make it to market some day. One thing that I would like to see is some other home security products, like door and window sensors. Maybe some home automation based on motion detection such as change thermostat or turn on lights.

Keep up the good work, team! Looking forward to what you have in store for us.

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X2 the first comment! Will definitely like to see an outdoor version of the Wyze cam.



+1 for wanting an outdoor version.