New Upcoming Products

Hi All. What new product will be coming out in the future?

Are you guys going to be producing anymore outdoor products? Items such as lights or heating/cooling products for the backyard and garden? I would love to see more outdoor products as I am an avid user of Wyze Cams and would love to continue to use the Wyze family of products.

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This is primarily a user forum and the Wyze staff don’t really interact much here.

What you might do is look at the Roadmap category, but that doesn’t really show timelines (unless it says ‘launched’, lol):


Maybe Wyze should FIX what they sell currently…This company is looking like Spencers.

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Another place that new/upcoming products are discussed are in Wyze AMAs. Here’s an excellent summary of the most recent one:

What type of outdoor products might you have in mind? The company is working on quite a bit, but any ideas on something that might interest the community would be awesome

Wyze should be figuring out it’s issues with the current product’s. At this point it’s a money grab…A Real company would have developed a Core Product line…at this point Wyze is ToysRUs.