New products AND current product updates

Ok, I see more new products being announced.

Personally, I would really like to see more updates to existing products with the limited Wyze resources. I thought that was the focus for this year?

Existing cams, sensors, lights have a long long multiyear list of updates & enhancements.

I can provide a list of updates & enhancements if that helps … !!
app updates - simplify UI,
- event access, main menu shortcut, event tags in sd card history, rewind on live feed directly into sd card history (like NestCam) …, …
alexa standardization across products, add all sensors
… ios shortcuts & automation
noise filter on cams

I am sure many have been waiting for the new products… I have been waiting for updates/enhancements

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Yes, updates sometimes have bugs but I am happy when Wyze releases HotFixes. BTW, here is the December 2022 Letter from the Wyze Founders (in post #1).

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Thanks, I reread the announcement. I do see that it does reference adding new cam products, which does appear to have been a focus. :slightly_smiling_face:

We continue to look forward to seeing further enhancements to the current products as well as has been happening. :slightly_smiling_face: