Any new wyze product soon?

I love wyze, but you don’t have anything new for a long time.
I am waiting for something new.

They’ve teased another camera and mesh router by end of year. Maybe.

Something new would be an app with Dark mode.

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According to fcc docs the mesh router is coming out today?

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Nothing new?

Wyze has not given us any surprise for very long.
Camera add water proof feature
Camera add a spotlight
Camera add a floodlight
I have bought so many Wyze cameras.
Come on
Did you plan to make something new soon?

I’d settle for firmware updates for the products I already have. Like my wyze vaccum which seems to be permanently stuck on an old firmware version and missing features that others have. Like my wyze watch which was pretty much a dead product after it was released. Like my wyze sense motion sensor that lost it’s firmware and is no longer able to sync to my account. At least my cameras and plugs still get some love.

Until wyze figures out what kind of company they want to be, I’d be hard pressed to buy anything new since I don’t know what kind of support it will receive long term.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wyze products, and I’m even throwing money at the “pay what you want” for camera cloud storage, but for some things I’ve moved on to other competitor products because of better long term support and reliability.

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Not sure what you mean here? The new V3 Pro adds an internal spotlight and is waterproof. Were you saying you want new features other than the ones you listed?

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All I want for Christmas :christmas_tree: is a dark mode :sunglasses: for my app :horse:

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