A letter from the founders, what to expect in 2023

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Once you take on venture money, rarely companies are “founder run”. Over the last couple years I have found Wyze to become more interested in shiny new products instead of concentrating on its core competencies. I was thrilled when I got my pan camera 3 or 4 years ago. For the cost, Wyze delivered big! I then jumped on other products: plugs, a scale, sense, and the watch (44). The disappointment with Wyze was after they produced these new products, then moved on leaving them buggy and short of promise.

Over the last couple years I’ve seen sprinkler modules, car vacuums, RC cars, and other odd items coming from a company that was focused on cameras in the beginning. My personal take is Wyze over-extended themselves on too many products making it impossible to improve on what they have produced alienating many customers.

Founders, you’ve lost your core competency which is a primary ingredient for failure. With all the negative responses, half-baked products with no plan to resolve, and a roadmap all over the place, eventually the Wyze name will become synonymous with other past failures. I hope I’m wrong, but the odds are climbing. Stop spreading your dev and support resources thin with the complex line of products and concentrate on what put you on the map. Shiny new is cool, but that wears off real quick if you don’t keep up the maintenance.


I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. The leadership at Wyze needs to refocus on their core competencies. For example, If you’re going to get into the Home Security Business, plan on offering all the products competitors have to successfully serve that market. Wyze jumps around too much.

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No leadership since day 1 and pushing cheap products. Support, products are a mess. I said from the beginning, Focus on a core product, making this brand relevant. No one cares or listens.

@Murph_ME We are on the same page here!
Let me just remind you of what you should or already know but was hoping this wasn’t the case. I once again will try and explain the reality of what you are buying into here.

  1. You are getting what you pay for… nothing more or even less.
  2. Soon the bubble will burst…and all the purchases will go away sad and ask the same question here! How can this be? They are selling like hotcakes while utilizing their customers to support their products called “The Forum”. However, after the company grows to millions of dollars in profits they too will disappear into the sunset leaving the ashes or for some other company to buy them out.
  3. These are some of the thoughts you must consider when investing in any company that produces and sells products with limited support and also relies on the SWAP-OUT programs if you are lucky to fall into the warranty period.
    This is just my opinion on my reading of the situations forthcoming. They have lost my confidence in the ability to maintain their customer base.
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C: Tend to your core products and competency!
W: We hear you. This is The Year of the Camera.
C: You’re not hearing us!



Founder, in 2021 video, paraphrased:

We aim to be bigger than Amazon.

@peepeep ,

****Just because you state something online doesn’t make it right!
In America, you sell something that your company can support and not the other way around… Just saying. OR See! I have this idea for a product I know it has bugs but don’t worry we will fix it later as we go but, first…we have to build our business and make money…LOL
I’m not interested in cams but I am interested in what I purchased… aren’t YOU!

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Agreed, now it’s routers ( which honesty ) what would make me switch from Asus, Tp-link Omada or Ubique where I get updates 4+ years later on commercial grade scalable equipment where I also don’t need an account to make a router work. Today headphones showed up as a “new” item… Either get into the dollar store ( sell anything cheap ) market or get into home automation and stay there with a value product. I purchased the Buds pro, Scale X, watch and none of them get any updates or support. It’s just sell and “here’s another product”.
The app ( which without, you can’t do anything) has become a constant advertising platform for items, service.
I would rather pay for a cleaned up app and more for less core products with more capability - 4K, PTZ, WIreless or Home automation sensors that integrate.


I can’t hear you over the sound of new products dropping.


@stargazeriinh @ourmessages

W: Look honey, I’m a disruptor.
C: Oooh, exciting! I’m all in!
W: Look honey, I’m a disruptor.
C: WTF, we have a family now! Time to settle down!

I went in with my eyes open. They still are. :slight_smile:

Will likely be marketing the pro more and seek ways to get better paid ratios away from 1in10. For Me Constant Changing of the infracstructure changed so much within a short time on licensing that It made me unaware of if I wanted to add more v3 cameras. I got two brand new v3 in box that were rendered useless to me due to killing off the personal detection enability in Alexa, Which went from paid. to included now included but not really as doesn’t work with Alexa to enable routines unless it is paid sub. I’m very unsure of any future as I’m scared to touch what remains for fear of alexa not detecting.

Is Mesh more expensive tech? hmmm?

This makes no sense. Mesh is a way to wirelessly connect APs together to expand wifi. No wifi means no connectivity for the end user.

Yes, slightly. Mesh network nodes have to route traffic to prevent loops in the IP traffic, and smarter hotspots are a bit more expensive than “dumb” radios that just forward packets indiscriminately.

I makes me happy to read that u were spared from making a HUGE mistake. :+1: Yes, they are cheap,. People claim that we could claim because they didn’t cost much. I don’t get that line of thinking. 25?! Don’t know how much that would cost there, but the V3 for example Costa about 50 CAD after taxes. 25 x $50 = Too much to spend on this junk.
For the time being, you’d be better served using several old phones as security cams for now with Alfred, or some other app (until u found a better system than Wyze to spend your hard-earned on).
A system from a company whose business model isn’t to pump-and-dump “not ready” paperweights on the market. A company which stands behind it’s products and cares about customer satisfaction.

That’s what I thought but Alfred camera is limited to one device at a time, so this is a ill advise

On another note, for a a modest hone of no more than 800 square feet, mesh would be an overkill. What would be a better alternative?

You might want to try an application named Manything the free version only allows for one camera viewing but the subscription model allows for multiple cameras along with iCloud access

I don’t use it but I saw your post and I thought if Alfred doesn’t work maybe Manything will.

There should a bunch of security cam apps. Look around. Try some.

Wait! I have Alfred installed on some phones. At one time I had about 6 phones set up. I couldn’t view all at same time, but I could add/view them. Are they limiting ppl now? Not nice!