Predictions on Cameras for 2023

OK we already received a number of new cameras over the last few weeks.

What other Cameras do you think we will see in 2023 and what ones are you excited for?

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Do I get a vote being an employee?

I hope the year of the camera also means improving the experience with the current lineup of cameras and adding wanted features to them. I know that isn’t a vote for a camera, but it would make my job so much easier. Plus if I voted for an actual camera people may assume it is next in the lineup. :rofl:


Well, if it’ll make your job easier, I can probably get behind that. :grin: :+1:

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I think Wyze should try something a little different and make a higher end camera. A single body pan and tilt with two lenses. It would be something that may cost $100+ (but with other brands would be much much more). Something that has a powerful CPU and would place Wyze in competition with some higher end security cameras.

Wyze in my view means good VALUE and if you give me a camera others would charge $300+ and you sell it to me for $100+ that is just as good value as a one others would charge $100 for but Wyze sells for $20.

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We have a user on Discord who has committed to asking for a Wyze dash cam EVERY DAY until they finally make one:

One week strong!

I would LOVE a Wyze dashcam. Wyze can make a simple affordable entry-level dashcam and then make a pro dashcam with more bells and whistles. But I have to agree with mister Zachsquatch, I would sure love a dashcam!