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When is wyze going to make a security cam to go in our cars/trucks?

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A recent Question and Reply from Wyze during the October AMA event:

If you are looking to add one to your vehicle, I wouldn’t be waiting for Wyze to develop it.


With the technology we have in vehicle’s like wifi , it would not be a bad idea to have. I would like to put one in my daughter’s car to make sure they are driving safe and one in my car and truck that alerts me when its entered like when it was broken into last week. I could have taken action then instead of finding out 6 hours later when i entered it. It would also be nice that when i pull into the driveway it connects to my wifi and downloads the video on the cloud. I have also tried several ones on ond they are garbage, Wyze has kept all stuff like this and all cameras affordable without spending an arm and a leg. Also keeping things on one platform would be perfect! If you hear this quite often does that not show that there is a market for it?

I’m not a Wyze Employee. I am just another user riding the Wyze Bus. A customer like you. I just volunteer here in the community to help others.

Wyze has this underlying theme that they only want to develop and market products that will “disrupt” the market. There are many IoT products for which they get an overwhelming number of requests, but they choose to pass them up because of some underlying idea that they need to be able to save all of us from the rest of the IoT peddlers who are overcharging for their underdeveloped products.

IMO, they are just passing up on their opportunity to get a piece of that action and keep existing customers within their own ecosystem by expanding their product offerings.

Incidentally, this is only a recent shift in product development focus. This year they terminated all projects that weren’t Cams and stopped expanding on their existing non-cam products. Next year doesn’t look any different.


Since Wyze has no plans for a dash cam, I will recommend the VIOFO A129.

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I have had it in my Avalon since October 2018.

It ticks most of your boxes. I like the WiFi because I can sit in the house and go over the recorded videos that are on the camera in the car. It will also display a live video feed.

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It is allowed. And appreciated. Competition is a good thing, especially when Wyze has indicated they have no interest in pursuing the tech.

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If they ever decide to give it a go, Wyze should use the Ring Car Cam as an example of what not to do.