Dash Cam for automobiles

With all the great products Wyze has to offer, a dash cam seems like a no brainer. Maybe a feature where you can go on the app and get a live view of the cam?

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There’s already a longstanding Wishlist item to this effect:

You can go vote for that and read others’ thoughts. It’s also possible that @K6CCC would chime in here, as I understand he’s been using various regular Wyze Cam models/versions to do this for quite some time now.

Oh good to know. It didn’t come up when I did a search in the forum. Glad others had the same thought.

Yup. I seem to recall seeing it mentioned in other topics, as well, but that’s the main Wishlist topic that I’m aware of. Sometimes a Moderator will grab a topic like this one and merge it into a relevant topic (like that one) too.

I don’t have any insight into Wyze’s product roadmap, but my impression is that when you share an idea that’s already on the Wishlist then finding, voting (by clicking the Vote button above the first post, and adding your own comments to the appropriate topic helps to keep it “alive” and demonstrates the level of interest in such a product or feature. You can learn more about the Wishlist here: