Dash Cam needed

Please make a dash cam for cars :red_car:

You can vote for it here:


I have been using a V2 and later a V3 as a dashcam in my pickup for a couple year. I have the double sided tape that comes with each camera that holds the metal disk that comes with the camera and the camera magnetically sticks to the metal disk. It’s on the windshield behind the rear view mirror. I have a cigarette lighter plug with four USB outputs. Plug the cable from the Wyze cameras into the adapter.

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You should add caveats to that recommendation. With the current firmware they would need to start out from a location where they can get Internet access so the cameras can boot up, and they will need to be running them off something like a hotspot if they want to restart the cameras in a remote location (like when stopping for gas or going to the store).

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Why? There’s already hundreds of dash cams and from dash cam companies that don’t make home based inexpensive IP cameras.

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Would be nice to have this in the Wyze eco system. I currently have a Garmin and it’s an absolute pain downloading and sharing the clip. Also, consider having a double (or two) camera by default to capture the front and rear of vehicle.

How about a Wyze DashCam that autodownloads the days footage to a PC or NAS on my Network upon arriving home?

and/or uploads any footage to the could via my phone?

And +1 on the Front and Rear Cam’s