Wyze as dash cam

I have used the black V2 as a dash cam on my truck cause its the only low coast compact cam that have a real Wi-Fi, most of the dash cam in the Market under $250 have no Wi-Fi, even if they said so, it is just a Wi-Fi to connect your phone to the camera to exchange data.
Only Thinkware and Black View has a real Wi-Fi and a cloud services.
If the admin allow me to upload photos and video, I can share my experience on how to connect wyze cam direct wire to your car and it will record on your SIM card 24/7 , playback whenever the cam is connected to Wi-Fi either if your car have a Wi-Fi or when you park by your house near your network. V3 will be much more better to use it as a dash cam but for me the white color doesn’t works for my interiors color. I hope they will do black V3 soon. IMG_1524


I have run a V2 as a dashcam for several years. I am using a cigarette lighter adapter that has four USB outputs to power it.
I don’t know if the V3 will be better as a dashcam. In my opinion, the V3 does not handle a bright light in an otherwise dark image as well as the V2. The V3 works better in a very dark environment, but roads usually are not that dark (at least in urban areas on when there is traffic). I will try a V3 next to my V2 and see how it looks.

I may revise my statement. I just put one of my V3 cameras in the truck next to the V2. Here is a screen capture sitting in my driveway with the streetlight across the street in view…

I’ll bet you can tell which one is the V3 vs V2 !!!

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Nice, the V3 capture more frames per second than the V2.
V3 Day: 20 fps ; night: 15 fps
V2 Day: 15fps ; night: 10 fps
so while driving the video will be much more better day and night.
the idle for a dash cam is 25-30 fps

Nice setup. I may add and continue to use my automotive grade camera for accidents. V3 could be wifi to home base and record on road.

Is your wifi setup to your home, work, or mobile hotspot/phone? It would be nice if the software allowed for multiple wifis to be stored so it can pick up a hotspot when on road, work wifi when at work, and home wifi when at home.

For those that don’t have, spring for a $40-50 1080p automotive grade camera with GPS tracking and G sensor. Those automatically lock the footage if an impact is detected. Worth the price, since the gforce may be detected for insurance/lawsuit purposes. Plus, some allow storing of files at a large length not just 1 min intervals.

For Wyze, nice to add a new automotive grade camera…ie gps tracking, gforce, and accelerometer.

Most dash cam doesn’t have WiFi or cloud service.

Agree. Wyze cam does have its wifi feature, so adding is a plus for security or recording events.

I do have a v2 and v3 on a hotspot at a remote location. I could hotspot a wyze cam in a car to phone, but would have to turn on hotspot (as it turns off after none use) or just add a hotspot inside car and add another hotspot plan.

Perhaps, a outdoor version would be ideal as it would use its battery and prevent running down car battery if car sits for too long. And it could be wired to keyed power and charge when car on AND use its batteries when car off.