Chevrolet wifi connection

I want to use my wireless Internet connection in my 2020 Silverado for connection and transmission of a camera from my vehicle.

I use the WYZE app at home to monitor my doorbell and several other cameras, I want to be able to monitor the camera in my vehicle the same as my home cameras on the same app.

Is there any way to do this?
Has anyone done it before?

Does your truck have a 2.4 GHz network. I believe all the cams need to be set up on use the 2.4 network only and your phone has to be on that same network to set it up.
It looks to me the truck has 4G LTE

When your truck is parked where you want it (in the driveway?), is there a decent wifi signal there? If so, no problem.

Not sure, but from what I have read it is most likely to be 2.4ghz.

Yes on in the driveway Wi-Fi reception, but I would like to have a WYZE camera running while driving down the road.

There are a few post around here where people have used a V3 or V2 for a dash cam. I’ll look for the old post. Here is one of many. If you go to the little search Icon here up on the right and search dash cam there are many threads and some have people who have used them in their vehicles.

Make sure your smartphone is connected to the Chevrolet’s WiFi when setting up the camera.

Should be the same setup process you did for previous cams, Other than being sure you’re on the vehicles Wifi during setup.

Thanks I’ll do that