Can we use the Wyze Cam 3 as a dash cam in a car?

I am in the USA and would like to buy 2 Wyze Cam 3 for front and back dash cams. Is there any setup instructions for using them in a car?

Some users have had success with this, but keep in mind you need a stable power source and a WiFi connection. If the WiFi goes out, the cam can continue to record on the SD card, but if the cam starts up without WiFi, it will fail and not record.


Wyze Cam 3 is massively better image quality than any dash cam. It would be great to see a Dash-Cam version with software that lets the camera just save to the sd card while driving, then allow App access through WiFi when I get back home. That would be huge because most Dash cams are poor quality compared to the Wyze Cam 3.

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Look on YouTube.

Been using a V3 as a dashcam in my pickup for several years. Saved me a lot of hassle earlier this year when a guy ran a red light and hit me. Camera clearly showed that I had the green.

I have the cameras plugged into cigarette lighter to quad USB adapter. The adapter is plugged into a power outlet that is always on. The cameras connect to my WiFi at home and are set to continuous recording to the uSD cards. The dashcam is attached to the windshield sort of behind the rear view mirror. The double sided tape and metal disk that comes with the camera attached the disk to the windshield and the camera is magnetically attached to the disk. This is in a 4x4 truck that does get used on crappy dirt roads and I have NEVER had the camera come off the metal plate.

In case you are concerned about the cameras running down the car battery. Happened once. When I had COVID and never left the house for an extended duration, the cameras stopped responding to an hourly ping test that my router does about 5 days or so after the last time the vehicle was driven.


Vote on this wishlist to let Wyze know you want it!


This one of the important things, when I was testing one out as a dash cam I found that starting my car caused a momentary cut in power to the cigarette lighter long enough to reboot the cam. My truck has a secondary power point that stays powered the entire time.

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I too wish they would do a camera that we could use for a dash cam. What I want is them to do their usual paradigm shift thinking. You know, like they did with GDO Controller. The often rewrite the play book on a device, giving it features and operations that other manufacturers don’t think of. Maybe a cross between a GoPro and V3, I guess if I had to give it some help

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Stick with a cam that’s meant to be used as a dash cam. You can get a 1080p or 2k dash cam for a few more dollars than a v3.
Most have a viewer so you can show the video right after an incident. Helped my brother get out of a ticket when the guy that hit him lied and the officer had to guess on who was telling the truth. He played the video and cleared things up on the spot.


I do as @K6CCC does except I don’t have always on power. Not a big deal since when I start the car at home, it connects to the home WiFi and starts recording to the uSD. When not at home, I use my phone as a hotspot which uses the same SSID and password as the one at home so the Wyze cam sees it and connects to the internet then starts recording. If your car has a built in hot spot, that’s even better.

I do have an actual dash cam too. Can’t have too many cameras.

There are way better cameras than a Wyze V3 for dash cam purposes, for just over $100. If that’s too much for you to spend then you don’t have any real interests to protect, and the cops will laugh at you if you try showing them footage from a V3 :smile:

Depends on what you need. A V3 did just fine to prove that the other guy ran a red light when I was in a TC earlier this year.

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Anyone know how the V3 holds up baking inside hot car on a summer day?

This is the Los Angeles area, so we do get some pretty hot weather. Both the V2 and V3 cameras have not had a problem in my truck.

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Would it be possible if i connect the wyze cam v3 to a power bank then connect the power bank to the cigarette to usb connector as to prevent loss of power?

In theory, yes. However, most battery packs (cheaper ones) don’t have a pass-through power.

Lots of them do, but you are likely right, the cheap ones are less likely to. I have two and both can provide “passthrough” power. One is from Anker, but apparently they are no longer offering passthrough power. The other is an Omnicharge Omni 20 which is a LONG way from being inexpensive - but it has two USB-A, one USB-C, 120V AC, DC at any voltage up to 30V, and wireless charging if you phone works with that. They currently list for $249, but I paid a little over half that as a kickstarter. Very useful box…

you can hook it up to a separate battery as long as that battery was hooked up to a different charger than the car uses. Its call a separate derived charging system. as long as the add on battery’s were charged they would not power off when car cranks … I have 2 wyze cams in my truck . this is how I do it I have a 24volt lithium battery with a transformer to break it down to the right voltage for the cam and the battery charger is powered from the vehicle and the camera does not drain down the car battery, they can last 10 days on the lithium battery I have . They will not charge until truck is on… Only issue is you have to let it record all the time. motion detection does not work so well thru the windshield