Wyze Cam in car question

I’d like to try to use a Wyze cam as a camera for my side window(s) in my car since my current dashcam is only front and rear and I don’t feel like spending another $200+ on a separate 2 channel dashcam. I don’t need it to run when the car is off.

I have a couple of questions hopefully someone can assist with:

  • Can the cam be powered by 12v cigarette plug without issue?
  • Will the turning on/off when the vehicle starts wind up doing damage to the cam? Will it start up as soon as it senses the 12v power?
  • Can you connect to the cam via a direct WIFI connection IN the car? I don’t want to connect the cam to my home wifi as it won’t reach, but I’d like to pull footage off of it and hopefully connect directly to it.


With a cigarette plug to USB adapter. I have a quad USB adapter.

Shouldn’t bother it. I have mine plugged into a permanent hot cigarette plug, so the cameras don’t go away when I shut off the engine. See next answer regards power up.

Yes. I ran a hotspot in my pickup for about a year for my two Wyze cameras.
One VERY IMPORTANT part. The Wyze cameras are a brick after power up until they are able to check in with the Wyze servers. After that initial contact, there is no requirement to have network connection for basic recording to the local uSD card. Of course you do have to have network connectivity to watch the cameras via your phone or to upload events to the cloud.

I have run two or three Wyze cameras in my pickup truck for around four years.


Yes. So long as it is 5V and 2 Amp.

It won’t hurt the cam, but it must have internet WiFi access upon every startup to work.

If your car has WiFi that is on when the cam boots, yes.

Edit: Apologies for any duplication, we both were responding simultaniously.

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