Cam use in car?

I have a couple of V3s. Can they be as a cam in the car?
Thanks in advance.

Not as the primary camera, as the car needs the large USB port on the back of the V2 to receive its control commands.

However, you could theoretically use a V3 as an independent second camera looking backwards or to the side (for example) after powering it with the 2nd power port on the battery bank. Might want to hold it down with a rubber band, tho!

Later Edit: Yes, I was mistakenly talking about the remote control Wyze model car. Later learned this is about a dash cam.


Thank you.
But I don’t understand the first part though. What large USB plug?
I can install a higher amp female USB port in the car.
Don’t need internet as I will use chips to record.

He means a USB type A port. My car has such a port. and if yours doesn’t have it, you can get a cigarette USB module with a USB port.

The more pressing issue is that the Wyze cam needs an internet connection to function, at least at startup, and at some point will check that it still has an internet connection.

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I think there’s some lost in translation here, @jgross are you talking about the Wyze remote control car? Or using a Wyze v3 for a full size automobile dash cam? I believe @Newshound is talking about the Wyze remote control car, and @Ipil60R34s is referring to a full size automobile.


Wyze cameras are all very internet dependent cameras as lots of the retrieval of settings, viewing, saving of cloud clips is done via server side or in the cloud. The normal operation for Wyze cams is once it is powered on initially it connects to the server before it can be operated, Even saving to local storage (sd cards).


Thanks, @Omgitstony. Yes, I was talking about the RC Wyze model car. Didn’t realized this was about a normal car, lol. Sorry about that!


Thanks. Yes as a dash cam in an automobile.


Just buy one and move on to another project . My years of luck with trying to improve the wheel is full of wasted time and $. So i do I understand that pathology. One can control it,but it is never cured

I am using both a V2 and a V3 in my pickup truck. Works fine. Normally it connects to my WiFi at home when in range. It will also work on a hotspot.

Are there any pictures avail. I bought a dash cam but the resolution is terrible. I am tired of my Toyota being a target. I am using a power bank to by pass the ignition being off. I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to use the wise cam inconjuction with a power bank to solve this problem . Years ago I tried to use the original Wize cam thru a double pane house window and found the night vision would not work. Not tried in in the car yet.
My e mail is [Mod Edit] if ypou have any advise.

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These cameras are not made to be dash cams, although some folks have used them as such, you have to fiddle with things so they work. First the cameras have to be set to continuous record and a sd card in the camera, now the camera needs to be powered on with the power bank in range of the wifi network that it’s set up on. Once the camera is usually and running, it and the power bank can be moved wherever, but it’s important that it’s powered on in range if it’s wifi or it won’t boot up and start recording. Now it’ll record as long as it has a constant power source, so don’t let the power bank dry out.

The night vision should work, but I suspect you were using the IR lights also? Those would cause flashback at the camera and all the camera would see is the ir reflection.

Curious, what dash cam did you try before?

Wyze was my only attempt I let it drop. Recently order more equipment and am going to try again.