V3 camera on car

The car page indicates “any V2 camera”.

Is this because it won’t work for the V3, or because the page never got updated.

If both work and I’m getting V3 for other things, would it make sense to use one on the car, would it be better to get another V3 for it, or better to stay with the V2?

Curious as to where you saw a V3 would work? Not sure the Camera FW for use with the Car would work on the V3 as well.

As you indicated, the FAQ indicated the following:

As @spamoni4 pointed out, only the v2 will work. There is not a firmware to convert the v3 to run with the car. The car firmware will only run on the v2.


thanks. I didn’t see it anywhere but it struck me as odd, and since I’ve seen so many websites for so many things that didn’t update, I figured I should check.

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it wouldn’t let me include a car with anything else; apparently the system thinks they’re still backordered, although the page doesn’t say that.

I’m a sucker for free shipping offers, and would have got it, well, just because . . .

But why?

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Would love to have a v3 used a dash cam .

I’m in desperate need of one in the mean time will I research and find the best dash cams for my vehicle .

Can’t beat a v3

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You are better off getting a dedicated dash cam. Many also act as security cameras for your vehicle with an additional rear camera.

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This thread is for the Wyze Car, not using a Wyze cam as a dash cam.

Dash cam chat/wishlist is here:


You might find this interesting.

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