Wyze Car camera compatibility

Does wise car work with the wise outdoor camera?

Welcome to the community @rak7roll . I am a community member like you and try to help out when I can.

I have a Wyze Car with the v2 Camera attched. There is a special Firmware for the Camera and a special app so that it works with the Car. I believe the Firmware for the v2 Camea is not compatible with the Outdoor Camera (WCO or V3).

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Thank you for your response.
I purchased 2 wyze cars, one with a black camera, one without, I have a wyze cam V2, which is compatible with the car, I also have a wyze cam outdoor, I was curious if it was compatible.

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Understood. Unfortunately, you need to use a v2 camera with the car

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Correcto. Only v2 camera will work will the car.

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Nope ,it uses the USB 2.0 on the V2 camera and the wyze car app

I just received my Wyze Car and purchased a new black V2 cam for it but it’s not able to be found. Any tips for starting over or troubleshooting this condition? I put it together and everything seemed to connect without a hitch, however, the camera can’t be found to make the car do anything.

Did you download the wyze car app

Yes. It went through all the steps but it failed at the final setup. Either I need to start over or there’s a fix for the error I’m getting for the camera not being able to be found.

So have you added the new camera to your app?,after you have the new camera l ready in you app,close that app and open the wyze car app and assign the camera to your vehicle

I did all my setups through the Car app. I can see the V2 Cam in my regular Wyze app but it won’t fully load in the Car app. However, I never set up the V2 can through the regular Wyze app. Very strange.

You must add the camera to your wyse app first,and do the firmware updates as needed,then you sign into the wyze app and Pick/assign the camera and that’s it

I tried that and now I need to do a full reset as the camera isn’t responding at all. Just a solid yellow light on the back. I deleted the car/Cam2 from both apps and attempted a reset with no luck. Any help to get the camera to reset?

When I had issues with my car v2, I did a manual flash back to a production firmware, then use the app to make it a car v2 again. That fixed whatever was wrong.

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What was the procedure to do that? Is there a link for those instructions? So far holding down the Setup button isn’t doing anything.

The most current firmware is unavailable but you’ll have to pick a slightly older one, which is fine.

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Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

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Oh man- I can’t thank you enough for explaining about the reflashing of the SD card! I have an iPhone 12pro and I could get the camera to come up on my Car App, and get the horn to blow- but as far as driving- it just would not! I followed the instructions on reflashing the SD card for a V-2 making it a webcam and it works great now! I had been really upset and thought I had a faulty car! This was great advice. Thank you so much! Wyse owes you big time for this fix!

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When I set up my car a couple weeks ago, I had a brand new black V2 and I set it up using the Wyze car app… I never even opened the main app

but after adding the camera in the wyze car app, it didn’t show up immediately in the list of cams … I closed the app and then reopened it - and then it appeared in the list of cameras, and I selected it and it worked fine …and has ever since…

It wasn’t until a couple hours later that I opened the main app and was pleasantly surprised to see my “RoboCar” at the top of the list… :sweat_smile:

Thanks! Glad to help!