Wyze cam v2 won't talk to Wyze Car

I just receive my Wyze car yesterday, set it up with a Wyze Cam v2 that I’ve had for a while, and I cannot get it to work. Two issues, possibly related –

  1. The camera does not power on through the USB-A connector coming from the Car. I have to use the Power Bank cable and power the camera through it’s micro-USB port. From the install videos and diagrams it looks like the camera should be able to get it’s power from the USB-A port.

  2. The camera does not appear to be talking to the Car at all. No car functions work, and when I connect I get to the pop-up screen “Camera Installed?” which implies no connection.

Two possible issues coming to mind:

  • The USB cable from the Car to the camera is defective, not providing power or data
  • My camera is too old. I can’t remember but I think this was one of the early release V2s.

Any help would be much appreciated. I have not contacted Wyze support yet (haven’t found a way to contact them yet) but am hoping they are monitoring this forum.

Thanks. John

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The USB-A port outputs power, it doesn’t provide for power input (just as on a PC). Therefore, the included power pack is required to provide power for the camera.

Make certain both the firmware on your camera and the Wyze app are up to date.

  1. USB-A connector at rear of car to powerbank is power only.

  2. USB-A connector from right side of car to cam is power + data.

You must power the car from (1) and the cam from (2) in order for the car to work properly.

Did you flash the cam with special firmware via the Car app interface yet? If not, please update your v2 with latest production v2 firmware and ensure that the cam works properly as a normal v2 cam before setting this cam up for the Car.


Question. Can you use a V3 cam

Unfortunately, no. :neutral_face:

Copy thank’s

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Maybe car only understands Chinese and V2 Camera is on English…JK…LOL :rofl:

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That’s what the original V1/V2 camera instructions imply. However the Wyze Car instructions contradict that – they show only the USB-A plug being used from the Car to the Cam.

I followed one of the recommendations from the Reddit forum, manually flashed the camera back to the oldest V2 Cam firmware available for download (v4.9.5.115), all seemed fine with the camera, then converted it to Rover Mode after that using the Car app.

I’m now going through it all again, starting with the re-flash of the camera to the normal V2 firmware … and this time I will update it to the latest camera firmware before converting to Rover mode.

It wouldn’t surprise me! At the rate Wyze is cranking out new product I can image they will run into glitches.

Still, I’m sure Wyze wouldn’t release product that didn’t work with reasonable reliability. So it’s just something with my particular Camera and/or Car units that are having the problem. Hopefully it’s only firmware that has to be cleaned out and reinstalled properly. Or maybe it’s that my V2 camera was an early release (I seem to remember joining the Beta program for it).

– John

I believe that connection is for data. I was talking about the direction of the flow of power (e.g., the camera can only recieve power via the micro USB port, not the USB-A port).

Hi Lonnie – I totally agree with you in theory … however the Wyze Car instructions show the USB-A port being the only port connected to the camera, and others seem to have confirmed that (at least in some cases) that port works by itself. The USB pinout has different pins for power and data so theoretically if the ports are daisy-changed together then supplying power to either port should work (whereas data transmission could be uni-directional).

Feeding power into a USB-A port would be contrary to the USB spec (but then so are USB-A to USB-A cables, and I’ve definitely seen those in use in products). In contrast, the OTG spec made both power input and output via micro USB with specification.

Data only uses 2 lines (for USB 2.0 and lower) so there isn’t any designation in the spec or cable design of the direction data can flow. Even a device that at first glance might appear to be unidirectional (like a keyboard or mouse) actually communicates back to the host (if for nothing else other than to identify itself).

The USB-A port on the camera is both data and power-in. In the car configuration, the cam’s micro-USB port is not used.

That is correct.

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So this person did it wrong? (Note the flat cable going into the micro USB port).:

Where is the flat usb cable going? Remove that and that’s how I’ve use my car. One cable from front of car into camera, and one from back of car into battery brick.


Yes, you should not need to do that. The type A from the CAR should do both power and data to the camera.

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And that is exactly (at least one of) my problems … the camera light won’t turn on (any color) unless the micro-USB cable is plugged into the camera, whether or not the USB-A is plugged in.

Looks like I will need a USB-A to A cable to try powering the camera from an external adapter through it’s A port … and a USB tester to see if the car’s A plug is supplying power.

Is the battery bank charged and plugged in when you’re doing this testing?

Yes, that configuration is incorrect. When in doubt, follow the directions. It should like this:


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