Automotive wifi connectivity

OK, so here’s the question I want to pose to the community… I happen to own a 2018 Chevrolet Traverse SUV. What I would like to do is use a Wyze cam V2 to film my wife learning to drive it. This vehicle has multiple USB ports and some of them are charge only. Does anyone have any ideas if this can be done and which ports I might use?? I have wifi in the vehicle.


First of all - You are a brave person!
Any port should be fine, the USB is only for charging (or hooking up a Sense Hub to the big USB),

Thanks for the reply, however, USB outlets can be configured in different ways depending on mfgrs requirements. My owner manual specifically states Some of the USB ports are ‘charge only’ and thus no data transfer is provided by them. I need data to connect the camera to the automobiles wifi.

I’m confused by your response. The small USB connector on the back of the Wyze camera is for power only. No data flows over it. The big USB connector is to connect to the Wyze Sense bridge or to daisy-chain power to other Wyze cams. The cam does not otherwise use those ports to communicate.

WiFi is an over-the-air connection. You do not need to connect a USB port to communicate with it.

So, any of your vehicle’s USB ports can be used to power the cam thru the cam’s small USB connector, and the cam will connect to the vehicle’s WiFi over-the-air once you go thru the setup routine.

Your vehicle’s WiFi will need to be 2.4 GHz encrypted WPA or WPA2 with a password.

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  • Thank you, I guess the last part of the puzzle is to figure out whether my vehicle wifi is 5 or 2.4 ghz. It’s not mentioned in the manual, however, most if not all 5 ghz wifi connections also support 2.4
    It will be interesting to get this working and once I have a workable and reliable solution I will post it.

I’d be surprised to hear it is anything other than 2.4 GHz. That’s the most compatible, and it really doesn’t need to be faster for a 4G connection. I did a quick Google search and it looks like WPA2 is all they offer, so you are covered there. They say you can connect a maximum of 7 devices.

Good luck!

Thanks for your time and effort, I will be trying to get it hooked up this week.