Technological incompetence strikes again

Just feeling a little sad that I cannot get this thing to work. Pretty sure it is me and not the technology. My son gave me this really cool Wyze car with a camera and neither of us can get the camera to work with the Iphone app. I am an old guy at 70 so I will take the hit on this. Is there a resource for those of us in this position?

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First, are you using a standard v2 Wyze cam? The v3 won’t work, and neither will the Pan Cam.

It also requires switching to the firmware for the camera, which is done within the Wyze Car app. Were you successful with that?

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Got the old magnifying glass out and confirmed it was V2.

Wait, I get a new web enabled camera and have to update the firmware??? Which step was that in the installation manual?

Please understand they started the car thing as a lark, as an add-on to their older, retiring V2 cameras.

I think once you download the car app, NOT the regular Wyze app, it’s supposed to walk you through the required firmware update.

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When connected to the Wyze Car, the camera basically acts as the WiFi transceiver for the car, thus the need to update the firmware on the camera.

The Wyze Car app (that you use to control the car while viewing the camera live) also makes it easy to swap between the Car-enabled firmware and the standard firmware.

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