V2 that came with the Car doesn't work

I purchased a Car that came with a V2. It says ‘getting video data’ then goes to a solid grey screen, while saying ‘Live’. Also under Settings, it only give me Name, Sharing, and Device Info. It says up to date firmware at
My existing V2’s have many more options under Settings. Name, Detection Settings, Event Recording, Notifications, Alarm Settings, Advanced Settings, Accessories, Rules, Sharing, Device Info, Wyze Support and Restart Camera.
What is going on with the V2 that came with the Car? I was able to use an old spare V2 to get the car running, but the V2 that came with the Car doesn’t work at all.
I have tried all sorts of unplugging, off and on, etc.
Is this where I need to ‘flash’ it to get the old settings back? How do I do that?

Did you flash it for car operation? i assume so with the version number.
Are you trying to use the “normal” Wyze app, or the Wyze car app?

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