Wyze DashCam

Any plans for a Wyze dash cam? I feel like Wyze could do it better for less money than the likes of Anker and Aukey.

Use an app on your smartphone to provide the display and control function so the WyzeDashCam is not burdened with extra hardware.


You could use a power bank and stick a microSD card in the wyzecam, and it would pick up most of what you want, but, moving objects are a big problem for these cams, the bitrate is too low, and it would tend to blur things.


the v2 cam would make a fine dashcam if i had a windshield mount, and 12v adapter. you might want to create a version.

also, how about a weather proof pan cam? would like to mount outside so i could use the night vision, which doesnt work thru glass…


Think it would be great to have a wyze dashcam that either comes with a long cable to connect to the fusebox or something along those lines, as well as a little shell that goes up against the windshield / rear window for optimal recording.

I know people are hacking together different solutions to use wyzecams for dashcams, would be nice to see something designed and streamlined for it however.


Yes. The a Wyze Guys need to develop a dashcam ASAP!


i would use the v2 as a dashcam in a second, if we had a proper suction cup mount, and 12v adapter.

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I use the Scosche Magic Mount for that - check it out.

I have used a V2 camera as a dashcam for months. I am using a cigarette plug to USB adapter to power it, and the metal disk and double sided tape disk that come with the camera are mounted to the windshield such that the camera is behind the rear view mirror (towards the windshield) so it does not block my view at all. I have a 4x4 truck that DOES get used off road and have no problem with the camera falling off the disk. I have a 64 GB uSD card installed and the camera is set to record continuously.
The only issue I have had is that sometimes when I get home, the camera does not connect to my WiFi. A quick power cycle restores the connection.


Thanks for the info. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this, but I wasn’t sure how well it would work. I might do it now with that vote of confidence.


Hello Wyze Community,
I would like to suggest that Wyze offer a dash cam because I’ve purchased two by other brands and they have both been unreliable. Thank you!


:smirk::smirk::smirk:Offline mode for car dash cam would be nice.:persevere::persevere::persevere:


I would love to see a car camera from WYZE

Features such as start recording if an impact or acceleration is detected.

Night vision.

Wide angle lens.


Unexpected disappointment was the low def playback. License plate info is unreadable even from several feet. For ~$25, overall the cam exceeds expectations. Now I know why the low resolution playback. Wonder if the bit rate can be bumped up in a dash cam model to make it more functional with minimal cost increase? If so, yes vote.


I have purchased 3 dash cams, gave one to wife, returned another one, and using the third now…I just can’t find why I want.

I am a growing fan of Wyze day by day so I want you all to succeed, so I come here to share my ideas.

Wh should a dash cam be?

Discrete in design, either a mirror replacement or small to take up less windshield space.

Power, safe in high temperatures and I’m going to dream big here…solar powered. It can have a cable also as backup but if it was solar powered it could get rid of all the cables.

360 fov, with interior view IR illuminated.

Specs, 2.7k front and rear camera 5.4k at 60fps, accidents happen quickly so the added FPS is especially helpful in a car dash camera. I’ve seen 2.5k, reolink outperform 4K Arlo cameras in terms of video quality so you don’t really need more than 2.7k.

Features, data link to your cell phone so it can upload video, parking mode captures, call emergency services in the event of an accident, etc. Bluetooth is probably the best option here while hotspot access might be needed also.

If you can’t do 360, in housing front and rear camera or wirelessly linked 2 part system to capture rear of vehicle. My goal is not so much capturing the interior as getting a 360 view of the outside of the vehicle.


Would like a DashCam from this team since I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to come up with a product that would offer a lot of functions Consumer are needing at an affordable price.
Must have
Dual cameras
Clear video recording
Car integration including back up system/side cameras and on board display
Clear Night vision

Alarm system or trigger horns
Voice capability to announce or ask them to back off the car
Baby or animal monitor

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You got camera.
make it smaller and slimmer and add a suction cup and we got a dashcam.

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I also would :heart: to see Wyze make a dashcam. I’m fairly happy with my Yi with wifi, but I’ll gladly replace with multiple wyze cams (especially if they make a dual view)

Yes! This would be amazing.

I’m a fan of the Garmin dash cams size and simplicity, would be great to see something similar and better. Go on Wyze!!


YES I AGREE this will be great product in future and i will buy it if they make one