Wyze DashCam

I think this sounds very cool maybe Wyze will do this

Dashcam. Does Wyze have any plans to introduce a Car Dash Camera? I think this would be a huge seller

Currently this request is on the maybe-later list. If Wyze decides to move the request forward, it will go to researching. Until then we will keep on wishing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Something like a Tesla Sentry mode - with 4 channels or a 360 degree view. Always on with a 12V connection to OBDII or Hardwired. With G-sensor, Motion Detection, Person Detection, Sound Detection.

If 360, could mount like Waysense in the front. If a 4 camera system, then be small enough easily mountable and available as a Group on the Wyze app.

And of course 4K. A price point of $150 would be ideal.



Wyze please consider making a Wyze Dash Cam!!

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I also would purchase several dashcams if they had an “offline” option for recording. I would need at least six, so a multipack deal would be great!


They have the tech for it. Give us a sub $30, high quality dash cam.

Hi wyze team please launch whyze dashcam. It will surely be a big big hit. There is a huge gap in the market for reliable dashcam.

I would love to see a Wyze dash cam!!

Even if it has wires, you can still tuck it in, i bet they can, and affordable​:+1::+1::+1:

I agree!!! But it will also need to withstand high temperatures.
I currently have a very good, but very overpriced, dash cam. I installed it when my and a co-workers car was vandalized. The biggest issue is the SoCal heat. During the summer, it will shut down when the internal dash cam temp rises to about 130 or 140 degrees I think. In the Southern California summer and early fall months, it shuts down everyday, leaving my car ‘un-watched’. I realize it shuts down to protect the electronic components, but there must be a way to prevent shutdown andprotect the electronics.

Thank you for the information. However, I thought the V2 camera only took up to a 32GB SD card? It will be great to put in a 64GB SD card. How well does it work at night through the glass windshield? Thank you for the help.

Officially, the Wyze cameras only support a max of 32GB uSD cards. However I know I have seen people saying that they are using 128GB cards and I think I have seen people using 256GB cards. All 19 of my cameras have 64GB cards.

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Now would be a good time to come out with a vehicle wide angle
recording device for illegal police stops and Uber/Lyft drivers… it
should blink visibly and sound a tone every 15 seconds (I think) to
indicate recording. I think cars run on 12v dc right? That should work.
It should send to The Cloud via a phones wifi AND have a recodring sim
easily removed as a decoy for bad cops. I think you would clean up on
this AND help prevent bad behaviour. Ideally it would also be nice to
have a waterproof mic one could attach to the window as well. Maybe the
unit has 2 wide angle cameras 180 apart so you can get all the coverage.
I will happily beta test. You probably should include a link to a
listing of each states rules for video audio recording of people.

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Hi, would be awesome to have a wyze dashcam, I love your products

Along with creating a Dash Cam, what about a camera the can be used on a motorcycle also? I know this asking a lot but you have come up with great, easy to use products so far.

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Actually the bit rate is More or less okay it’s the frame rate that’s the problem. it only records at 15 frames per second which is fine for security camera type stuff but for fast moving things like in a vehicle that’s where you want those higher frame rates. 60fps would be the best. However that does mean four times the storage required for each second, so you’d really want a higher capacity card like 128 or 256 GB for any meaningful retention. that being said generally for this use case if you got in an accident and you would probably pull that footage right away so you could get away with 64 GB or even 32 if you were diligent.

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Internet Gig drivers such as Lyft, Uber, and Food Delivery Services , taxi drivers, Limo drivers, shuttle bus drivers, and parents of school children would all feel safer having a dual-facing car cam to protect them.

Ideally it should be unnoticeable, like attached or built into rear view mirror. It should record short periodic videos with forward lens to establish cars location. Then when someone in rear speaks or senses motion it switches to rear wide angle lens to capture the person(s) in car and recording continues until stops speaking or no motion. Video is uploaded into cloud recording which can be viewed by anyone driver or parent shares access to.

Shared users with access should be allowed to view live video from their phones to ‘check in’ on driver at any time. The device can be battery powered using USB port from Auto. It can gain internet by using driver’s Internet Hotspot connection from their cell phone.

When you drive for a living, your car is your home. Just like your home, it needs a camera to provide additional security.

For parents who let others use their car to bring or pickup kids from school, its priceless

Yes, please, a dash cam that can be easily removed. Soon, before I croak.

Retired Geek and a very senior citizen.

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Been a LOOOOONG time user of your products, picked up the outdoor cam and just pre-ordered the doorbell which is great. Just occurred to me while scrolling through Instagram tonight and saw and an for a dashcam. Wyze was my first thought! If anyone could put together an affordable platform for a dashcam solution it’d be Wyze.

This is the one the jumped out at me:

Just thought I’d throw that out here. Really been wanting one and I’d love to keep supporting your company.