Wyze DashCam?

Any Wyze Team Member mention a DashCam is coming? I keep hearing the police asking for Dashcam footage and my wife says we should get one that is just as easy as our Wyze Home cam.

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It’s on the wish list with a fair number of votes, but hasn’t gotten further yet:


Although not specifically designed for a dashcam, I have been using one of my V2 cameras as a dashcam in my truck for over a year. The only real issue I have had is that sometimes about 8 hours after leaving WiFi coverage, the camera stops recording to the uSD card and when it does that, it also will not automatically re-connect to my WiFi when I get back home. A power cycle fixes that problem. I have not been able to find a reason for this issue.

Have you tried using your phone’s hotspot for a periodic WiFi connection. It just needs a WiFi connection, it doesn’t need to be a router.

Not as a norm, but for a specific reason I did one day last month. Because the cameras won’t do anything after a powerup until they are able to check in with the Wyze server, I needed to do exactly that on the 4th of July. I shoot a professional fireworks show on the 4th and recorded the show from two cameras in the firing pits and also the dashcam in my truck. Since the cameras in the pits were not powered up (on USB batteries) until an hour or two before showtime, I needed a way to get them connected. So I renamed my iPhone to the same name as the SSID that the cameras use at home, and changed the password to the same as the WiFi at home. All three cameras happily connected to it and started working properly so they would record the show to the uSD cards. After they started, I reset my iPhone back to “normal”. So, yes, that does work, but is far more trouble than I would want to do on a daily basis.

I would also like to see a Wyze Dash Cam, i would like it to have both front and rear facing cams like the Amazon and other cams. I would also like to have the ability like the Amazon cam to use a LTE sim card for my connectivity and notifications.

Good point. I updated the post to include “DashCam” and “dash cam”.

Do continue dash cam wishlist requests here…