Power Question


I’m waiting for my shipment of 2 basic cameras…

I could not find anywhere, perhaps I overlooked it but are the cameras rechargeable or are they always plugged in?

Also, can I use the app to monitor in 2 different locations?


Thank you.


The cameras take power from a USB wall wart power supply. They do not have internal battery, so if the external power source goes away, they die immediately. BTW, you do NOT need to use the provided power supply. I have one mounted in my pickup truck as a dashcam. The power cord is plugged into a cigarette to USB adapter. I have also used one plugged into a USB battery. Also note that the included power supply will power more than one camera. The camera has a USB power “outlet” that you can connect to another camera so if you have two cameras close to each other, you can use just one power supply.

For your second question, yes and no. Yes, you can have cameras in different locations, adn on different WiFi networks, and the app will seemlessly display alert notifications from them all, and you can watch them all, but no you can’t watch them all at the same time. At any given moment you can only watch real time or recorded video from one camera at a time with the Wyze app. There is a 3rd party app called TinyCam that lets you watch more than one at the same time. I’ve never used it so I don’t have details.


Thank you very, very much for that info K6CCC

I had never thought of putting one in my car, that’s a great idea!

I guess when you’re using it in the car no wifi is needed, just skip that, right?

Again, much appreciate your time explaining that to me, have a great weekend.


I wondered the same thing about no wifi in the car. So the Wyze camera doesn’t need wifi to function?

As for a Wyze dashcam, it works fine. You need to connect normally to the WiFi to set it up and to be able to watch anything. However it will record to the uSD card without WiFi. In my case I have the local recording set to continuous and have a 64GB High Endurance uSD card installed. When I get home, the camera normally connects to my WiFi. Once in a while it fails to connect and I have to power cycle it to get it to connect. I get a week to 10 days on the card - depending on how much driving I do.


Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.