Hitch Camera

I want to use a v2 or v3 to help me hook up to my 5th wheel hitch.
Will not have internet at the storage yard. Can the cameras work with out internet and just use the cameras built in WiFi?

If you plan to view a V2 or V3 on the road, you will need to successfully pair it with a Hotspot before you go. I say before you go because Hotspots can be finicky. Your phone may be able to provide a hotspot that also provides the path to the Internet that a V2 or V3 will need to boot.

Or, you can also use an Outdoor Camera in Travel Mode without any access to the Internet:


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I think you would have both a more reliable and easier experience each time if you used a dash cam. Take a look at the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2.

If allows you to connect to it connect for a live signal/view via WiFi from your phone or a tablet in the truck.

Its the smallest dash cam made, so the foot print where you use it will take up literally no space.

It mounts to glass with a sticky and a magnet, so it’s as flexible/portable as a Wyze with magnet base. You could add a magnet or two where you need it on back of the truck and plug it in for only as long as you need it. Then put it back on your windshield as a regular dash cam. (I am adding one to the center windshield of my car facing the cabin with the sole purpose of documenting any rare but possible “misunderstanding” with the police. Can’t be too cautious these days.

I can’t say the Mini 2 is waterproof, but its a small footprint without a rear LCD screen, You could dab some black electrician’s liquid tape or plasti-dip over the power connection, micro SD Card slot and mode button - IF you need to leave it outside the cab.