Black Camera vs V3 Camera

Well, my lifestyle is retired and sedate with my years beginning with an ‘8’ - cause it’s winter and I hibernate, so I’m not up to date.

But, I do read some of my eMails and Wyze is tempting me to buy, buy, buy! The problem is that they don’t tell me what version the BLACK CAMERA runs, nor what the differences are between the two Cameras.

IF anyone out there could give me a clear definition as the differences between the two and which version each runs I would be very grateful.

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What version of what?

The black camera is simply a V2 with a black case. So you have a V2 (black) vs a V3 (white).

Generally speaking, the V3 is an upgraded V2. It has a faster processor, more frames per second, wider view, starlight sensitivity, outdoor capability, and a siren. Can do 2 wavelengths of night vision.

Both can save to a local SD card 24 hours a day, giving you the chance to review any part of the last 3-8 days w/a 32 GB card, but with modern firmware you will be able to use larger cards reliably. The V3 has that firmware now.

The V2 does still have a niche – controlling the Wyze remote-controlled car. And a black model looks great on the black car. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I SUSPECTED that the black was an older model. Its a shame that Wyze doesn’t state those critical things in their specs!
This is exactly what I wanted to know.
Thank you Newshound for the quick reply. It is greatly appreciated.
Now I can be sure to get the updated version of the camera.

Wouldn’t want to buy a V1 Camera would you? :slight_smile:


They kinda do – “V3” stands for “Version 3”, so an upgrade of Version 2 of the fixed-view camera. :slight_smile:

Hello All and @jessgless.
My years also start with an 8. If you want a black v3, you will need to start with a white one. The pictures below depict a fairly painless procedure.

V3P 3

Ignore the library-printed helmet, It is the only picture of a black v3 camera I have.



WOW! What a difference. I did want a Black version and you’ve shown me how! I was able to turn your eMail into a PDF document to keep the info handy. My camera has been ordered. In my place the white camera would really stick out whereas a black one would be hard to see.

And that Plasti-dip will come in handy for other projects too. I used to use a form of that whereby it took a 400 degree F temp to cure it. It has come a long way to now being good for DIY projects.

Thank you for the Instructions!

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If you click on my user icon, I also have a Featured Topic from 2019 where I paint a camera black with Plasti Dip. :slight_smile:

I do that to more than half my devices. Nice thing about Plasti Dip is it’s durable, but you can remove it if you don’t want it on the camera any more. Also, it really absorbs light well without reflections or shiny surfaces.

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Correction to the answer below. My Wyze black IS a WyzeCam V3 Black

You can also buy black skins for your white V3s.

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Thanks but my v3 ARE black


Also, check out this thread if you are interested in the Limited Edition Black V3.