You asked. We delivered. 🖤

Order your limited edition Wyze Cam v3, now in black! This one-time drop won’t be restocked, so don’t miss out.

:point_right: Wyze Cam v3 | The internet's favorite wired security camera.


I hadn’t seen anyone here asking for it but okay, it must be a popular request so Wyze is going to satisfy an ongoing high customer demand and…



It’s a one time drop aka limited edition. Though, the car was supposed to be a one time thing and now they sell them, so you never know what the future holds.


Ah! I ordered 1 before I read this, thinking they’d have more later! I might need to order more now.

Why would Wyze not keep 100% Black Cams in stock? Why do all the cams have to have a cyclops design with black in the middle surrounded by White drawing attention? :cry:

Now some scalper is going to buy Wyze out of these just so they can resell the limited high demand cam on ebay for profits :sob: Better order quick if you want one.


I’m always asking for Black. Drives me crazy the obsession with white and black in the middle. The Two-tone draws unwanted attention IMO. A single color of all black is way better and people are more likely to psychologically dismiss it like shadows in a lot of situations. The black V2 was very popular too.


And yet, not even in the top 10 of the wish list…


Does the new black V3 cam still come with a white cord?

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V2 Black came with all black hardware including cable and power adapter. I assume v3 Black will provide the same, but only Wyze can answer your question as no users own this product yet.


Another option is get black skins for your white V3s.


What, is the black plastic too expensive or something?

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They just answered this on the Livestream today. Everything is black, including the cord and power adapter.


Popping by to answer this!

It costs a fair amount more for us to have both black and white cameras from supply, manufacturing, and stocking perspectives. A single color is cheaper to work with so we won’t add a different color permanently to the line without verifying the demand.

White cameras can be turned other colors more easily than black cameras can. And we’ve learned through experience and market research that not everyone wants a black camera so making that the default doesn’t work either. Lots of folks prefer the white cameras but we hear more often from people wanting black cameras because that’s what we don’t stock by default.

Though in the case of the battery-powered camera, there’s also heating concerns so that’s why we don’t have a black Wyze Cam Outdoor.


AH! EVERYONE GO BUY A BLACK CAM NOW! We need Wyze to know there is a demand to keep providing black for all their future products!

I don’t really need another 1080p camera, but I bought one anyway…FOR THE CAUSE!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response though Gwendolyn. I totally understand the rationale, and I love getting such rationales. They are reassuring that there are logical explanations like this. With this understanding I agree that you guys are making the right choices. :slight_smile:

But I still like black. :slight_smile:


I had never considered the heat issue. I wondered why black isn’t the default color for the cameras. This make sense.

Appreciate the other background info as well.

I will await the myriad of rebuttals to your answer that tell you how wrong you are.


Yeah, the heat is one of the biggest issues. I Love the look of the new Router Pro they show on their website, and I’m going to get some, but I would’ve totally understood not doing black for a router. At least the pictures on the website show that the Pro version is vented fairly well in the back and the bottom. And the FAQ’s say that they use a heatsink to suck up all the heat away from the electronics. Come to think of it, wouldn’t a black casing work somewhat like a heatsink? Pulling the heat to the case away from the electronics? I guess that works for devices that don’t sit in the sun…for anything out in the sun, I guess it would pull more heat to the unit, making things not work as well. I guess that makes sense why it works well for indoor devices but not outdoor ones.


If it makes you feel better, I already had that in Core. :joy:


When dark mode ?

Everything is black including the rubber bands securing the cables:


I thought we asked for RTSP?