Bring Back Wyze Cam Black

EDIT 2/28/20: While this has been launched, supplies are limited and it is possible that the availability may not be extended when the supply is exhausted.

EDIT 11/25/19: Check at 12 AM EST (9 PM PST) on November 29th!

We launched Wyze Cam Black as a special edition product for Black Friday. You can find more information about it here.

We recently sold out of our stock and don’t have a timeline for when (or if) we’ll bring it back. But we’re open to the idea and want to keep track of interest. So if you would like for us to sell more Wyze Cam Black cameras, please vote here! :slight_smile:



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Please bring back the Black Cam also
please make a Black PANCam.


I vote yes please on more Wyze Cam Black!


Being the BLACK CAM back! :weary:


The black cam costs more to make. I’m curious… how much more than $20 would you be willing to pay?


Personally, I would be willing to pay $25 for a black version vs $20 for the white. I don’t need all my cams to be black so the premium would only be for cams where black suits the location better.

If it cost, say, $30 for black that’s half the cost of another white one so I would probably find another way (print an all-black “costume” and/or buy black cords, matte black spray paint for $5, etc). But even then, depending on the look and location and how much time I want to spend modding, it might still be worth it for me to spend $30 in certain situations on a black version.

I think the more difficult question would be how Wyze markets the black version and justifies the higher price. Most consumers aren’t going to read about Wyze’s manufacturing costs, they’ll just 1) complain that the black one isn’t $20, or 2) expect the black one to have some special features because it’s more expensive (and be disappointed when it doesn’t).


That would look nice


Will you void my warranty if I spray paint mine to black :sunglasses::joy:


$5 more for black is reasonable in my opinion.


Please bring back the black. The white cam reflects off window glass if positioned by a window creating a reflection that looks like a white haze. Nice product otherwise.


Make sure that there isn’t any backlight, coming in from behind the camera or directly on top of it and make sure that IR is turned off.



No backlight or on top and I assume the IR refers to the night vision mode which was also turned off. The reflection off the window glass with the camera lens reflecting the white cam is double pane and it is during the daylight hours that this problem occurs. I tested it briefly by covering with a dark sheet of paper and that actually removes the haze from the video that is caused by the reflection. This is why I believe the black cam would be the difference in my case and others experiencing similar. Any further advice?


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Applying some of this might also help … Black Gaffer Tape

Having said that, I also hope they bring back the Black Cam. :wink:


Why is this at “maybe later”?

Why not offer it right now, at a price that is profitable? Definitely don’t offer it at the same price as the white, because it has already been determined people will pay more for it. It has already been sold in the past, so how difficult could it be to bring it back?

My suggestion would be to bring it back at $5 more and use that money to invest in app development.


Please bring back the black cam! I wanted to order more!!


Just learned about the black cams, would definitely have purchased them over the 6 white ones I got. Entertainment areas, windows, ect all look less conspicuous in black.

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My vote is definitely to bring back Wyze Cam Black!
I’m sure you guys would sell more of the black edition vs. white


It’s probably marked maybe-later because producing the black Wyze Cam v2 requires a separate production run that has to be coordinated with the manufacturer. It’s not something that can just be ordered.

The black version also costs more to manufacture than the white regardless of quantity and introduces additional distribution/inventory costs. Because of that finding “a price that is profitable” is a bit more involved when talking about a permanent addition to the product line vs a limited Black Friday run.

A $5 premium seems to be the cost most people feel is reasonable, but we have no idea if that would cover the additional costs to Wyze or leave anything left over “to invest in app development”. If the additional cost to Wyze is actually less than $5 then I would be happy to see any extra go toward product development.


I voted. This should be a standard color option. It’s a plastic case, how hard can it be to have this available in multiple colors, including black?


Yes I definitely want to purchase black cams!!