Any thoughts about making it in black in the future? Matte Black would be sick!

I would love for it to blend in better with my other electronics.

It would be a little easier to conceal as well.

I colored mine with a black Sharpee to reduce reflections off the window.

I ordered black gaffer tape that I’ll be putting on a couple of my cams that are pointed out double-paned windows. Hopefully it’ll help reduce the camera reflection whenever the sun is shining. p.s. note that the reflection seems just as bad with the V2 camera (matte white) as it was with the V1

Made this with my vinyl cutter. Somehow I got the dimensions perfect! You can use any kind of designs, colors etc. Just a thought.

What material did you use, vinyl? How affixed to camera? Are these for sale? ? My gaffer tape will probably work fine, but I’ll be cutting pieces of varies sizes/shapes to properly cover the front of camera.

Used a Cricut vinyl cutter. It’s just colored vinyl with backing on, like a giant sticker. Just peel off the backing and stick it on. It’s not permanent either. Nice way to change it out if needed. Can get the vinyl at Walmart, but more colors available online or at a hobby store.

Would you make me a couple? I’ll pay for it and shipping or can you make a template that we all could use maybe


I have a cricut maker, I would love to use your template since you were able to get it so perfect. Could you upload here?

Maybe D-BRAND can start making skins…

check here

You won’t see a black camera unless the company that makes the camera does this. Wyze doesn’t make the camera, it’s licensed hardware.

Here is the Matte black or you can even design your own wyze cam skin.
Wyze Cam Skins

On Black Friday they’re having a limited run of all black cams I believe with black chords and charging blocks