Limited edition Wyze Cam Black now available for $19.99! (Link in post)

I received my three black cams yesterday. They’re gorgeous. Chapeau, Team Wyze.

The temptation to upgrade all of my Wyze cams to Black is serious, and it’ll really get spendy when the Pan’s offered in a LE Black =-).


I DEMAND a wyze pan cam BLACK OR ELSE I will sue Wyze in federal court for… um… well… I. Dunno what… BUT PLEASE MAKE A WYZE CAM PAN BLACK version!
That is all…
Thanks! :v:


pls talk to our laywer, which we dont have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Psst! Dongsheng! We’re not supposed to tell them that! :stuck_out_tongue:


Will you guy’s be bringing out the black wzyecam again?i I want to put a black camera outside. If it breaks down well I guess I didn’t cover it good enough!! And I really don’t want to paint one of my white ones black or camo. Jejejeje

Please follow this thread:


I would prefer to see a simple “skin” that would fit over them. Of course you can’t make everyone happy but you don’t want to invest in inventory of cameras when a vinyl “skin” would be fun!

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PLEASE, PLEASE BRING THE BLACK BACK!! Much more low profile and much less obvious. Missed the Black Friday sale. So SAD!!

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When is Wyze Cam Black in stock? What’s the differences compare with white color? Only color different? Hope Wyze can also produce ringbell cam similar like Ring. Ring is way too expensive for me.

The black camera differs only in color. It is more expensive for Wyze to produce, however. Therefore, they have not committed to bringing it back and if they do, it may cost a bit more.

You can vote to encourage them to bring it back here (you must click the VOTE button at the top of the page):

You can also vote for Wyze to produce a video doorbell here:


Thank you for your quick response. I voted already.


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The bringing back Wyze Cam Black link is here:

Thanks for voting! :slight_smile:

We wanted to make sure that people saw that it was out of stock instead of just taking it down so that we could reduce confusion. We still are open to bringing it back later. We’re just cleaning up a bit since that isn’t happening right now. :slight_smile:

At this rate I’m sure to win that Wyzey!!! :partying_face:

I’m sure there’s a reason for the area around the lens being shiny but I don’t know what it is, personally. We’re still getting questions about if Wyze Cam Black will come back in stock so I think that the sold out listing probably helped some but that people are understandably hopeful for its return (me included!). :slight_smile:

Thanks for your thoughts on this! The logic makes sense. :slight_smile:

Hi Gwen… I got the email today about the Black Cam selling again tonight but there is no links for it on the email… where will we have to go to purchase?

Depends on where you live when it will show up available for purchase here
12 Am EST, 9 PM PST

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Ooh! I’ve always wanted a Test Atwix Product!!!


that has disappeared now :thinking:

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Sold out…it was very limited lol