Limited edition Wyze Cam Black now available for $19.99! (Link in post)


I ordered my 3. I wanted 3 more cameras anyway.

Awesome, already ordered mine!!

looks like the site wasn’t ready for all of us that stayed up late to order these :slight_smile:

server is under a bit of stress :slight_smile: it’s getting better, try again.

oh i think my order went through. i have a receipt. i think it was just the confirmation that didnt make it.

Ordered 2 this morning. Thanks Wyze for adding the black option. These will be a nice upgrade to my original v1 cams so I can finally have Alexa support.

Seem to be impossible to order the Black one, For Canadians… Like me :frowning:

We’re sorry, ti_mak. :frowning:

I immediately ordered 2 Thanksgiving morning. But I don’t know where else to put them, just wanted them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hah! We’re sure you’ll find something good for them! :smiley:

Right after placing the order, there was a 15% off of 3x V2 combo. Darn, beat myself up for missing that. But Wyze Cam is definitely worth every penny out of my pocket. You can also break my bank further by coming up with green color (just no pink). I have quite many indoor plants. LOL

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Oooh… Green would be fun! Thanks for the suggestion! :smiley:

Maybe St Patty’s Day would be a good time to have a limited time offer on green cams?!

Does the Wyze Cam Black have the updated JX-F23 CMOS sensor? I’m assuming that JX-F23 is in fact the updated sensor now in the V2’s. Thanks.

yes, wyze cam black is F-23


I received my three black cams yesterday. They’re gorgeous. Chapeau, Team Wyze.

The temptation to upgrade all of my Wyze cams to Black is serious, and it’ll really get spendy when the Pan’s offered in a LE Black =-).


I DEMAND a wyze pan cam BLACK OR ELSE I will sue Wyze in federal court for… um… well… I. Dunno what… BUT PLEASE MAKE A WYZE CAM PAN BLACK version!
That is all…
Thanks! :v:


pls talk to our laywer, which we dont have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: