PRE-ORDER Wyze Cam v2 today!

Pre-order today at:

We're super excited to bring you Wyze Cam v2, an upgraded version of the original popular Wyze Cam.

This is our first major upgrade to the hardware! The new Wyze Cam v2 offers the following updates:

  1. Motion Tagging technology detects and highlights motion in both live stream and replay modes.
  2. Even better image quality. The powerful new CMOS sensor provides clearer images for both day and night vision.
  3. Higher sound quality made possible with a Class-K audio power amplifier and a new audio chip that significantly reduces TDD interference and EMI.
  4. A matte finish replaces the glossy finish on the original Wyze Cam to reduce reflection.

how long until they will ship or be released off of presale?

Any better answer that late February?

Looking forward to my 2 new editions.

I certainly don’t need any additional cameras, but I order two of the version 2 for comparison sake. My daughter may get two of the older ones as a surprise gift :slight_smile:

I can’t order, no matter what browser I choose. I have an active and well used Amazon account, but if I try that payment method, I get an “An Amazon Pay payment method was not chosen” error, and if i try a normal checkout which should show a Stripe payment form, the form is not active, I cannot enter any card details in it.

Cool. What about users who ordered the gen1 HW only a month ago?

Is this already in backorder status now? I tried to order some and it says backordered. It went from pre-order to backorder pretty quick! If its backordered, what is the timeframe for the order to be fulfilled?


That happened to me also when trying to order. I ended up deleting the order signing off and then going back in through the dashbord and was able to complete the order.

I just bought two of the old ones less than a week ago. :frowning:


Ordered 3…Hopefully, the shipping details will come soon.

This is ridiculously annoying considering I ordered my first Wyze Cam and it showed up in the mail not even 2 hours ago.

Just looked at my box, and of course I have the “old” one. Not the greatest first impression to send me something in the mail and then tell me that my camera is outdated within minutes of taking it out of the box.

@bubbles, if you have opened the box, set the cameras up then I doubt they will let you swap them out.

@jen if you don’t set it up or open the box they will exchange. You might have to pay for shipping

I’m having this same issue. I’ve been trying since 9am. Any help?

@Jen , I can understand your frustration, unfortunately, this is how all product lines go. At some point they need to make a cutoff. If they announced months ago that a new product was coming out, no one would buy the current product and there would be no capital to produce the new product you’re waiting for. Technically the v2 isn’t out yet, and the only product available is the v1. The company is loyal to current customers by giving us the opportunity to pre-order the v2 that won’t be available for a couple weeks still.

Does Anybody Know If This New Version Accepts Bigger Capacity SD Cards? Or Is It The Same As The Original WyzeCam?

I ordered my the new version a couple of days ago and it went onto backorder status. I dropped a line to customer service asking how long it will be on backorder…NO ANSWER…why???


One more on the “Why no ship date” bandwagon… I wanted to add two more cameras before vacation in a few weeks and since the last one arrived within days I just ordered two more… no option to select “wait for V2” or “ship V1 immediately”… if you don’t have a release date then give us an option please. When I ordered it said 3-4 business days and no mention of a backorder. Now I don’t know if I’ll have my cameras before I leave.