PRE-ORDER Wyze Cam v2 today!

Guys and Gals,

As of yesterday, there were two separate order pages; one for the V1 and one for the V2. The plan was to keep selling the V1 (until they depleted their inventory) for people that wanted a cam now, and offer a pre-order for the V2 for those willing to wait until the official release/shipping date later this month.

As of today, it looks like they sold out of the V1 inventory and now only have the V2 available. It is listed as “backordered” because technically it’s not ready to ship yet. The original announcement that went out stated that they wouldn’t be ready to ship the V2 until later this month.

I hope this helps to clear-up the confusion, and appreciate what Wyze Labs was trying to do for us.

Hi E,

If you look at the reviews in this Forum for V2, you will see the tester was able to use SD cards up to 128gb without issues. there is even an example, waiting for confirmation, that a 256gb card was successfully used. I have three V1 cameras and I have 64GB cards in each one with no issues! I have two V2 cameras on order and I will use 64GB cards in those units too!

Hi Jen,

Like JohnnyG said, you may be frustrated you received a V1 camera however it is what you ordered and companies have to sell out their current version of hardware before they start sending the newer version. Everyone does this, not just WYZE.

Let me tell you this… you will want another camera once you get your V1 up and running and you realize what a great value you received! When you see how great this camera works and when you realize you only paid $26 you will want more! I bought one camera, then two more and now I have 2 V2’s on order and I realized I will need another! They are like potato chips, you can’t just have one!!

Sorry, I don’t see any problem with a newer version coming out so soon. Actually that is a GREAT thing. Let’s remember, they were only $20.

Pre-order available now. Orders placed before 9:00pm PST on 2/20 are expected to ship in the last week of February. Orders placed after this cutoff date/time will ship in the week of 3/5.

It would also be nice for Apple to give out the next generation iPhone for free…

Looking forward to these. I already have 4 and although tongue don’t have pan and tilt like my Foscam, the price point and ease of use inside and outside the home make them great alternatives.

Mine is backordered as well. Tried to see if it was listed in my account but it said I don’t have anything ordered.

They sent me an email with my order number but still not listing it in my account.

The update is kool…but not all that much to feel that I’ve been played. I just got mine also two days ago, and am impressed. I’ll still get a new one. But they will still be two awesome cams. Best purchase I’ve made in long time.

I formatted a 64gb card on my pc in exfat… works great.

I can’t wait to try out the V2!

I came to the site on the 19th to buy a camera to test it out and maybe replace/supplement two cameras from Zmodo.

I’m so glad that I decided to check out the forums prior to purchasing a camera!!

Same here. A bit odd that my V2 orders aren’t shown under the Orders tab in my account!

How long until a firmware update bricks the V2’s? lol


So it’s the last week in February. When are my WyzeCams shipping out? I ordered 6 so hopefully this doesn’t bump me down the priority list. Also, just a comment more than a complaint… it seems a bit excessive to charge over $25 for shipping via UPSMI for such small items.

The camera reviews and pricing allowed me to shrug off the shipping cost but I wanted to comment.

I am anxiously awaiting my new WyzeCam arrivals!


It’s the last week of February, when are these shipping? Why no updates on this? These are the first cameras I’m trying and I’m very anxious to get them. Not to mention I’m waiting to get my SD cards until I know the cameras have shipped. Please let us know!

Should be either today or tomorrow as Feb ends. I’m also waiting on my order got in before the first cutoff.

Yeah I got mine in before there was anything about a Back Order. Just hoping for some word on this soon!

I placed my order Feb 19th so I’m not sure where there falls into the “cut off” dates.

Trying to find this info now. I can say my order confirmation stated the cams are on back-order.


Building a new home, work in IT (25+) years, and looking for options for security cameras. I ordered a couple of these cameras to see what they can and can’t do. The price is extremely reasonable, and if nothing else, I’ll be able to see how my cat gets on in our new home. I’m excited to receive them, and can’t wait to be let down by my cat :smiley:

Yeah I ordered a couple v2’s on February 15th and mine also show back ordered. No rush though, I suppose they will get here when they get here no matter how much I wish upon a star or tap my heels together.