Sorry we messed up!

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Edit: Update 2:

A letter from our Founder and CEO. People whose orders are affected by this should already have an email with more details and some options for them.

(To clarify, this email only went out to customers who placed a pre-order for Wyze Cam v2 on or before 8pm PST on 3/1. Orders placed after this cutoff date/time are not eligible for the free extension cord offer.)

I’m sorry to let you down.

When you placed a pre-order for a Wyze Cam v2 with us, we told you it would either ship by the end of February or in the week of 3/5.

Unfortunately, we’re now expecting a 3-4 week delay in shipping your order to you.

We received the first batch of v2 inventory in our Seattle warehouse this week. During the final round of inspection, right before we were ready to ship, we found that a small percentage of them contained a tiny morsel of dust on the camera’s CMOS sensor, compromising the image quality.

The dust particles resulted from using the new CSP packaging for v2’s CMOS sensor. Let me show you some photos:

This is the CMOS sensor for the original Wyze Cam using the standard QFN packaging.

This is the CMOS sensor for Wyze Cam v2 using the new CSP packaging.

The CSP packaging provides better stability and reliability, but it calls for much more stringent cleanliness standards in the manufacturing process. In this case, there were tiny particles of dust left over from this new packaging for some of the units inspected. As CEO of the company, I take full responsibility for what happened.

Some of you may question why we needed to risk changing the image sensor and adopting a new technology. The original Wyze Cam was selling well. Why didn’t we play it safe and continue with the old parts and technology? Many people doubted that we would be able to offer a high quality product at such a low price when we launched the original Wyze Cam 4 months ago. We proved them wrong. But I didn’t want to stop there. I challenged my team to upgrade the product with new features without adding cost. The new image sensor allowed us to enable Motion Tagging and even higher image quality especially for night vision in v2.

Frankly, and painfully, this was harder than I expected.

The good news is that we have a solution in place to get this fixed. The bad news is there will be a 3-4 week delay in shipping your order to you.

If you decide to wait for the new units, I want to personally thank you for your support. I know many of you have requested extension cables so that you can install your Wyze Cam further away from a power outlet. As a small token of my gratitude (and apology), I’m sending each one of you an extension cord along with your order (one cord for each unit ordered).

However, I understand some of you may not want to wait that long and want to cancel your order. If that’s the case, please email and and write “Cancel [Order Number]” in the subject line. We’ll issue you a full refund as soon as we receive your request.

I can’t say enough how bad I feel about messing this one up, but I hope you’ll forgive us while we make it right. My team and I continue to aspire to new heights, and we appreciate your support along the way. We can’t do this without you.

Thank you!


Yun Zhang
Founder and CEO, Wyze Labs, Inc.

Appreciate the time and detail that went into this email.

Actions like this are the reason I recommend Wyze to many of my friends.




Its all good. Better to be honest and get it right than to ship on time with a faulty product. Appreciate the honesty. Its so rare now days.

All good, looking forward to the extension cables.

I appreciate the email notification and still look forward to getting the cameras that I ordered.

It sucks to have to wait an additional 3-4 weeks but I rather have a camera arrive late than having to return a defective one!!

Thanks for reaching out. Says a lot. Looking forward to the cameras. Are you guys putting out other products in the near future?


I waited 8 months for a product that I contributed to on a crowdfunding site. I can wait 3-4 weeks to try this. The developer of the other product was also finding issues that he wanted to correct before he would ship and I respected that. I am glad that you come from the same mold. Let`s me know that you are good people. Looking forward to trying this product.


Great example of integrity and honesty…
I just placed an order and will wait :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll wait. And thanks for the gift.

This is how all corporate entities should act! True integrity and pride in doing things the right way is sadly too rare today. THANK YOU Wyzecam!

NOW THATS HOW IT’s DONE! Doesn’t get better then that! I do not have any pre-ordered V2’s , but if I did?? My mind would be at ease and I would be more than satisfied by the email response and kind gesture of an extra Power Block (The Cord itself can be used to Daisy chain two devices!)!

It has been a good many years since I have seen a company, any company, say “sorry” and take responsibility for a problem. I was so amazed at the heartfelt email I received, that I just sat there for awhile to take it in. This is how I remember companies doing business. Most companies now days have forgotten just exactly where their paycheck comes from.

I am excited about this little camera, and I will wait till you all feel that it is up to the standards that you feel your customers deserve. I am very happy about the extension cord too, it will allow me a bit more leeway for setup.

Thank you for letting us know what’s up and why, it is very much appreciated. :slight_smile:


That’s why I back these guys and gals to the fullest!! It’s been forever and a day since a company has been this connected to its customers

I hear ya on this. I wish I had the money to chip in a little to help them. What I am afraid of is the big bullies, amaz and micro$ seeing something they wish they could do and offering them bucubucks for the idea, the tech and the customer base and then turning it into something awful that I will never want to buy again. And never will for sure. Its a shame that people have forgotten that the real power is in their wallets. I use my wallet to express my displeasure and it works.

I appreciate the the responsiveness, honesty, and detail. It’s a huge reason why I recommended this product and company to many people.

I have three cameras and have ordered a few more via Amazon. My question is whether the Fulfillment from Amazon will be wyzecam version 2 or will they send me version 1?


WOW! What awesome customer service. a heart felt explanation and compensation for the delay to boot. I just discovered the wyze cam (v1) Love it and just placed an order for 2 more(v2) I am happy to way longer for a better product and wanted to say thank you for your quality control and your awesome approach to customer service! More companies need to follow your lead.

I would think that it all depends on what exactly the description said on Amaz. You didn’t by chance take a screen shot? I do sometimes when I get a gut feeling that I need to. Most times it’s unnecessary but ya just never know now days. Any way if the description said v.1 then I would think that’s what you will receive. I would read the reviews as well. See what others have received. That would be a good indication of what you might expect. I always read and reread descriptions before I order anything from anywhere. Sure has saved a lot of trouble and time and money. If it’s still there check the description really well. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Just to be safe I cancelled the Amaz orders and reordered the V2s from the wyze site.

I will pretend I am waiting for my Xmas present…no big deal…carry on…I love your product