Thanks for your Honesty

I Would like to thank Waze team for letting us know about the issue with the CMOS sensor, I rather wait and not get a defected product!

Thank you Yun Zhang and Team, cant wait to see more new products!! also excited to get the free extension cord! lol…


Thanks for the understanding, Josh! We wouldn’t want to deliver a product that’s not up to our standards. We’re working hard to get the new Wyze Cam v2 into your hands.

Indeed, I am happy that you are fixing the problem and prefer to wait 3-4 weeks for the V.2 rather than potentially getting a bad product. I don’t think anybody is likely to “really need it right now”. :slight_smile:

I also appreciate the token of appreciation of sending an USB extension. It is, indeed, useful.

Keep the good work.

However, per the mail, small percent of product are defect. Does it mean rest of them are ready to ship? What is the percentage of products defect? Will you hold all product to ship so that we all should wait for 3-4 weeks?

By the way, thanks for sharing the issues.

It’s hard to say for sure. We identified the issue through sampling so the actual number of affected cameras could be greater in this batch. We want to make sure that all the cameras are up to our quality before we start shipping them – hence the 3-4 weeks delay.

Thanks for the thoughtful answer, no hurry for me.

Thank you for being up front with you customers. Unfortunately many companies are not and would have shipped and deal with the returned product on an as needed basis.

I’m new to Wyze and looking forward to getting my V2 and this makes it even better to be part of your consumer base. I would even now add a second camera to my order if I could edit it. No rush, I as most would prefer a product without any issues.

It’s nice of you to include a longer cable, what a great gesture. Keep up the integrity it’s most important.