Wyze Cam v2 Update 2

Another note from Yun:

Last week I told you about the unfortunate delay in shipping your Wyze Cam v2 pre-order. Today I’d like to give you an update.

As mentioned in my previous email, we found small dust particles on the camera’s CMOS sensor for some of the units inspected. We immediately took action to improve the environmental cleanliness for the new production, and added 3 extra quality assurance steps in the manufacturing process.

This resulted in production capacity reduction in the short term because we want to make sure our quality standards are met every step of the way. We’ll ramp up production moving forward while maintaining the high quality standards. This may take some time.

I’m optimistic that we can start shipping your orders in the next few weeks and I’ll keep you posted on the production and shipping status. Stay tuned for another update email next week from me for a better shipping timeline estimate. Thank you for your patience.

Yun Zhang
Founder & CEO, Wyze Labs

I’m glad to see WyzeCam takes quality seriously. Sure, it’s frustrating to wait, since we all want our new WyzeCams, but a little delay is worth it to have a quality product.

Please keep these updates coming as they help us customers know we aren’t forgotten!

Thanks Scott, will do! We try to keep everyone posted on the progress as much as we can. Sorry for the wait!

I placed an order for two WyzeCams V2 almost four weeks ago, and I was told it was on backorder and would be shipped in a few weeks. Now (on March 10), you are saying exact same thing for shipping; “next few weeks”! When exactly are the WyzeCams going to ship? Are you going to ship them based on the order date you received?


One more question, if I order another two WyzeCams now, all my old and new orders will be shipped at the same time or separately? Also, am I going to lose my place in queue if I place new orders now?



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Great questions, I have the same questions and concerns

I can’t help with the others, but this should answer one of your questions.

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Thank you milehiguy for the link. It did answer one of my questions.

I am eager to get my hands on the Wyze Cam V2, in the meantime I found an app called “Presence” that turn my old phone into a motion detector camera with similar features.

We will be shipping orders in the sequence they were received so yes, by the order date.

If you order two more Wyze Cams they will ship separately from your first pre-order.

Arrived today!