Wyze Cam v2 Update 3

An update from Yun:

It was a busy week here at Wyze Labs. I promised that I would give you weekly updates on your v2 order. Sorry for being a few days late.

In the past couple of weeks, we tested 4 methods to clean up the dust particles on more than 7,000 sample units. The end result was promising. The leading method will be put to production at scale this week. Of course, we’ll keep monitoring the output to make sure the increase in production capacity doesn’t compromise quality.

At this point, I can tell you we’re confident that we’ll be able to start shipping your orders, along with the extension cable bonus, in the week of 4/2. All orders placed on or before 3/1 will be shipped before 4/16. There’s a good chance that some of the orders will be shipped out sooner, and if that happens you’ll be the first to know as you’ll receive a confirmation email as soon as your order ships.

I understand some of you may prefer to cancel your order due to the shipping delay. If so, please feel free to email cancelorder@wyzecam.com with “Cancel [Order Number]” as the subject line, and we’ll refund the full amount of your purchase right away.

Thank you for your continued trust and patience.

Yun Zhang
Founder & CEO, Wyze Labs

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7,000 sample units, wow! Thanks for the update …

I sent the content below below via email on March 23. An update, I received the additional 5 about 4 days after the pre-order shipment I ordered 10 more yesterday. I have probably sold more Wyze Cams in the last few weeks than my own products lol nicely done




I am going to order 5 more. Bit of a gamble on my part as I don’t have any of your products, nor physically seen or tested them.

That said, your emails explaining the situation should be taught in Business/Sales ethics classes.

Early communication of an issue, with a detailed problem description and plan of action to resolve leads to high customer satisfaction. And in this case blind faith in my manufacturer.

Nicely done Sir!

My best