Another few weeks .??

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Last week I told you about the unfortunate delay in shipping your Wyze Cam v2 pre-order. Today I’d like to give you an update.

As mentioned in my previous email, we found small dust particles on the camera’s CMOS sensor for some of the units inspected. We immediately took action to improve the environmental cleanliness for the new production, and added 3 extra quality assurance steps in the manufacturing process.

This resulted in production capacity reduction in the short term because we want to make sure our quality standards are met every step of the way. We’ll ramp up production moving forward while maintaining the high quality standards. This may take some time.

I’m optimistic that we can start shipping your orders in the next few weeks and I’ll keep you posted on the production and shipping status. Stay tuned for another update email next week from me for a better shipping timeline estimate. Thank you for your patience.

Yun Zhang
Founder & CEO, Wyze Labs

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I am pleased with the updates. It is the thing to do.

got it early this morning

Updates are great, but another " few weeks" :frowning:

Question for the Wyze team if any of you see this … will the V2 cameras be shipped based upon when they were ordered? I’m curious where I might be in the queue (daughter is eagerly awaiting my V1’s). Thanks.

My plan also, when I received my V2 cams my daughter will get my V1. Free is even better than $20 :slight_smile:

Hi milehiguy, yes it would. As soon as we start shipping we would be clearing the backlog of orders based on the time placed. Unfortunately we still can’t provide an exact date at the moment.

Still a great camera, that v1. :wink:

I’m pleased with the updates. I think most other companies would just string you along with vague explanations.


I just wish I had a V1 camera to play with while I wait for the V2!

Oh, you don’t think this is vague…“Unfortunately we still can’t provide an exact date at the moment”

how about not the exact date but give me what week, or month would be nice :frowning:

Well, to be fair they do close the email with… "Stay tuned for another update email next week from me for a better shipping timeline estimate. " So hopefully we should get a better ETA in a week or so.

There are a lot of factors to that go into manufacturing a product. Often you’re at the mercy of your component suppliers. In this case, We’re waiting for them to work out the kinks in the quality control process. Once they figure that out, they can ramp up production. Hopefully, it should only take a few weeks.

I just wish I had a toy to entertain myself while I wait :slight_smile:



This book is an eye opener.

China can produce good quality items, but when they have a fixed price contract, they will cut costs and hope you don’t notice the drop in quality.

What you get delivered at first won’t necessarily be what you get later on. That’s one reason that past legitimate reviews on Amazon are not necessarily an accurate description of what is currently shipping.